Five Simple, Yet Effective Confidence Boosters

When you have low self-confidence you generally have more ambivalence than people with high self-confidence. So are you ready to tell yourself something different? If you define yourself by what’s happened previously, you will keep on repeating the past. Are you ready to make new choices? You can unlearn your fear by choosing to be positive and realising that the only thing that can harm you is fear itself. Are you ready to commit today to start banishing fear or negativity in its entirety and all unwanted, inappropriate thoughts and symptoms, replacing them with good feelings and positive thoughts?

Here are my five most effective confidence boosters:

1. Keep a record of your successes, great and small, and review them regularly.
This is essential. Every time you feel 'less than' or have a rejection, or things don't pan out how you want them to, read through your success list. This will keep you motivated and will reinforce your self-belief. Keep a list on your phone, ipad or laptop.

2. Keep an “I’m good at” list.
This will be a constant reminder of what you can do when you feel like nothing is going right. This will keep you feeling confident and keep you remembering 'you can and you will'. Keep the list in a journal, carry it around all the time and add to it constantly.

3. Fire the committee.
We crush our confidence if we listen to our committee who tell us negative things, “I’ll fail”, “I’m not good enough” and so on. The good news is that you can fire your committee by visualising an internal dial with 1-10 on the inside of your brain. Every time you get the negative messages you turn the dial to 0, like changing a radio station. This technique requires some practice, but it is very effective.

4. Record your own affirmations.
Record on your phone statements saying 'I am more than enough', 'I am amazing and good things happen to me', 'All is well in my world', 'My every word is valued and heard', 'I can and I will', 'I respect myself', 'I am loving and loveable' and plug in your headphones so you can listen to these as much as possible to reframe old negative messages.

Go on, make it happen - Why? It's your time to shine

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