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About me

Is this you?

Are you overworked, stuck and frustrated?

Do you feel that your work is getting the better of you, whilst you know you have more to give?

Do you have an idea for a new business but feel totally confused where to start?

How do I help?

I work on a very simple principle:

Decide what you want

Believe you can achieve it

Build a plan to make it happen

I help people who feel held back by a lack of self-confidence, overworked and burnt out, sick with Imposter Syndrome or caught in a negative mindset.

We work on you feeling calm, very clear on your Big Picture Strategy with a step-by-step action plan to follow and moving through your career with momentum and happiness.

Instead of fighting a constant battle of reaction and firefighting, I help you to feel in control and proactive with the choices in your career.

Naturally this has a very natural and positive impact on the rest of your life.

Who do I help?

People who feel their career has hit a plateau and need a real injection of energy and action.

Whilst I specialise in creatively driven self-employed people and business owners, eg:

  • Chefs
  • Actors
  • Event Entrepreneurs
  • Photographers
  • Architects
  • Commercial Photographers

I also have clients that I have successfully helped to progress within their corporate careers in tech and FMCGs.

What's the plan?

I position my work as the coach in your corner between rounds. You are the expert in your business and career, I provide the external sounding board to help you get perspective, accountability and to be the catalyst for your own motivation and happiness.

I help draw out the strategy from your own ideas. When your head feels full and confused about your next move, we pull out the salient points and develop a simple plan for you to action.

The most important part of our relationship will be the time we are NOT together. I strive to provide my clients with tools rather than solutions for sustainable success.

I take pride hearing my clients say to me, "As I was thinking it through, I could hear you in my ear."

Why do I do what I do?

I started my career as an actress which was already a tough mountain to climb. I pivoted to producing theatre productions because logic told me that if I can create work, I will never be out of it. That was back in 2009 in the wake of the financial crash which kick-started an entrepreneurial journey across sectors: finance, travel and hospitality, fitness and tech (Learning & Development and HR). I work with clients now precisely to provide the support that I would have liked and needed. I share the know-how I have learned through action. Pivoting is my speciality.

Recent Client Testimonials

Working with Natalie has been a really rewarding experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone starting their own creative business. In the last few months of working together we set clear and achievable goals that have manifested into expanding my clients. Starting my own business I often found myself being frustrated with all the challenges that came with it. Following our coaching sessions, a momentum has been created and I am now enjoying this process. Seeing the value Natalie brings to my journey I have decided to carry on with our coaching sessions in the coming months as well! I am so thankful for Natalie’s help and I am excited to see what great things the future holds.

Constantina Avraamides - Architect, CA Architecture – June 2021

Scatter Brained and lacking focus are definitely how I would have described myself. Working with Natalie she has helped me to understand that there is no such thing as a bad idea, but also that some ideas deserve more focus than others. Natalie has helped me to develop a framework of systems specifically to make it easier to identify which ideas these are.

She has helped to bring clarity and focus to my professional life. Without a doubt I would not be pursuing my current career path, that of launching my own restaurant, if I had not started working with her. She helped me overcome what could sometimes be crippling imposter syndrome and given me the freedom to chase after what I really want. This was my first time working with a life coach, I wasn’t sure if it was for me, or even if it was a real thing but it has exceeded all my expectations of what it could deliver.

Alan Bates - Head Chef & Restaurateur at Connection Alan Bates Copenhagen – February 2021

I came to Natalie when I was overwhelmed, overworked and didn’t feel in control. Over the space of six sessions, she has transformed that state of mind. Working with Natalie has enabled me to be a lot clearer about my own capacity and set very clear goals to manage my workload. I feel much more in control and am able to set healthy boundaries, value myself and manage my time better. She is very warm and open, and we also have a giggle in our sessions! She’s the best coach I’ve ever worked with and I’m sure she can help you too.

Anna Ceesay - Founder Motherdom Magazine & Creative Coach – April 2021

How do you get started?

The next step is for you to email me and suggest a time you are available for a 10 minute Chemistry Call. Like all great relationships, we need to get to know each other.

In that call, I will ask you a couple of questions to find out exactly what your key problems are.

If we are a good fit, we’ll go from there.

Training, qualifications & experience

THE COACHING ACADEMY, Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching April 2021

THE NATIONAL FILM AND TELEVISION SCHOOL, Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives Diploma 2013

THE OXFORD SCHOOL OF DRAMA, Diploma in Professional Acting validated by Trinity College London with Level 6 qualification 2004- 2007

I have been formally coaching through my private practice The Orange Side since April 2020. Predominately on a 1:1 basis serving a large variety and number of clients. I lead workshops both for my business and for other organisations and industries that have been particularly effected by the Pandemic.

Having worked in Customer Success, I am programmed for ongoing and long term success. Coaching is not a sugar rush quick fix solution. Just like elite athletes working with their Coaches, its takes consistency and trust. That doesn't happen over night and I take on clients who are ready to commit to real change.

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Natalie Macaluso. Accredited Life Coach. Business and Career Coach.

Natalie Macaluso. Accredited Life Coach. Business and Career Coach.