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About me

Would you like more time and more motivation?

Do you ever:

Long for more fulfillment but don't know where to begin?
Work full tilt and then get burned out?
Look outside of yourself for authority on how to lead your own life?
Create a to do list filled with things that don't actually meet your needs?
Strive for the next milestone, reach the milestone and then think - is this it?
Do you feel there is a more authentic part of you that wants to be seen and heard?
Do you play many roles in your life, but struggle to know which one is the real you?

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Coaching is the place to explore this, and to discover much more.
Coaching with me is an invitation to self connection. Whether it's career coaching, leadership development or simply motivation you are looking for, it's all about knowing yourself and giving yourself permission to step forwards.

"I’m truly grateful I found Angela. She is top-notch and 100% dedicated to truly allowing you to meet yourself, and in turn, your goals. Her approach is nuanced, deep, supportive, and culminated in paradigm shifts I never thought I could reach. " F.D

"It was a unique way to look at my life and desires over the next 20 years. This method really helped me to envision what I could achieve and how realistically I could get there." K.P.

"I quickly saw the benefits of my sessions with Angela as she helped me to assess what was important to me, not just in my career, but in my life. Without Angela, I am absolutely positive that right now I’d have another hard luck story instead of my dream job as a scriptwriter. " C. O'D

When working with me:
You will become aware of your patterns and beliefs that are unconsciously ruling your life.
You get connected to desires that deeply inspire you.
You will learn to hear your intuition.
You will learn learn to trust what is within your power.
You will discover that doing less can mean creating more.
You get clear on what you truly value and how to express that in the world.
You will take small steps and then look back and realise that what looked hard was easy to do!
You will become unapologetically you.

Coaching is a safe, nurturing place, a step back from the busyness of life to take a good look at where you are and how you'd truly like life to be. From within the safety you can be challenged to step forward.

I hold a powerful, gentle and joyful space. You'll find me calm but fiercely dedicated to your growth and unfolding.
I am deeply connected to nature and will often draw on its lessons to guide the way.
I believe in radical self acceptance, that the only ever true goal is to love yourself.
I will support you 100% but not at the cost of you. I will not collude with you in striving for goal that is driven from outside of you.
I will bring you back to yourself every single time.

If you feel this in your body, a tingle of excitement, nerves, possibility, then I invite you for a complementary consultation. Use it to discover something about yourself and your life.

I spent many years working in TV and media, ultimately producing and directing corporate films.

I know what it's like to achieve a career that looks great from the outside but feels empty on the inside. I radically changed that in my own life, but I also realised that fulfillment is possible within the life we already have. When I dropped the deeply held liming beliefs about what I should do and be in my life then a new world of possibility opened up and a big part of that was about enjoying who I am and the life I already have.

If you are feeling unfulfilled right now, start by identifying what you are grateful for in your life. It's an ancient paradox that only when we stop trying to change things and learn to love them can we allow change to happen.

Training, qualifications & experience

Diploma in Professional Coaching Skills from ICF accredited Coaching Development.
Meditation and mindfulness guide
Guided nature meditations
Retreat workshop leader

Other areas of coaching I deal with

co parenting
self love
self acceptance

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Complimentary consultation

£70 per session



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In person


Angela Davenport

Angela Davenport