The importance of small talk

Shooting the breeze with a stranger at the bus stop may seem like a potentially awkward scenario, but this type of talk is more important than you think…

Many of us have grown to dread small talk and even avoid it at all costs. Talking about the weather with a stranger can be slightly awkward – but have you ever thought about where this small talk could lead? Take a look at the following benefits of small talk:

It can help you make a good first impression

Small talk helps us read the atmosphere of the environment we’re in. When we’re meeting someone influential for the first time it helps us to test out different things (for example the person’s humour), enabling us to understand them better and make a more positive first impression.

It can enhance your career

Striking up small talk with someone you don’t know can lead to great things in your career. Chatting about the weather could lead to you discussing work or aspirations, and in some cases the person you’re speaking to may have useful connections to push you further in your career.

It can lead to a lasting relationship

All relationships start somewhere, whether they are platonic or romantic. Making small talk with someone new is another way of meeting people and widening your friendship circles.

How to make small talk

Now you know why small talk is so important, here are some tips for chatting to strangers:

  • Break the ice – preferably with something relatable. Discussing the weather may be stereotypical but it works! Alternatively, lead with a compliment – a quick question about where he/she got their watch from could spark a conversation.
  • Remember to introduce yourself – when you’re making small talk it is easy to forget common courtesies, so be sure to introduce yourself if a conversation develops.
  • Keep building – listen to what they have to say and keep a mental note of any interesting facts about them. If the conversation lulls, draw on these facts to ask further questions.
  • Exchange contact info – if you connected to this person, don’t let the conversation go to waste. Offer your number, email or business card and tell them it was a pleasure meeting them.

Building the confidence to start conversations with strangers can be hard for anyone, no matter what the potential benefits are. To build confidence in all areas of your life, consider hiring a life coach. To find out more, please see our Confidence page.

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Written by Katherine

Kat is a Senior Writer for Life Coach Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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