Are you a shark or a panda? New personality types for singletons revealed

Psychologist David Holmes believes singles need to understand their personality type to help them see and tackle the characteristics preventing them from finding love.

Now dating site has asked David to help them identify the different groups people fall into.

“Although most people have a complex collection of personality traits, there are often strong features that could provide signposts as to the direction their dating personalities are taking,” David explained.

Singletons can use these categories to help them see where they might be going wrong in the big quest for love.

Here are the five different dating types:

1. Picky Pandas

Picky Pandas are perfectionists. They need a bit of a shove to make it out of their comfort zones, preventing them from finding Mr or Mrs Right. David says Picky Pandas tend to enjoy spending time alone and are thus very careful when selecting a date. They need partners who are very comfortable with themselves and patient enough to put up with Picky Panda’s strict criteria.

2. The Worker Bee

Some people are simply too busy to date – it’s as simple as that. Important work commitments, a hectic social life, or demanding hobbies can make it very difficult to build and maintain a good relationship with someone else. Youth and success can push the idea of commitment to the back of the mind. Once Worker Bees feel ready to settle down, they will need to work hard on their work-life balance.

3. Man’s Best Friend

A natural pack creature, Man’s Best Friend types struggle to survive without their friends by their sides. They are popular, fun-loving and adorable but they find it difficult to settle down with one person.

4. The Shark

The Shark is the player – the one who loves to flirt and discover but not to make any kind of serious commitment. Sharks are advised to play the numbers game online so that when they do really meet someone face to face, it’ll matter more. It often takes a while for a Shark to find someone who captures their interest long enough to build a meaningful relationship, but it does happen.

5. The Night Owl

Some people just love to party – they’re out every night getting their kicks from the loud music and bright lights. Unfortunately this makes it very difficult for them to make time for serious dating. David says Night Owls should try to date other lovers of the night to avoid clashes in timetables.

Of course – we are all different. You might recognise yourself in one or more of the above groups, or you might not recognise yourself in any of them.

The road to love can be long and bumpy. More often than not the real stumbling block is overcoming personal fears and foibles. Personal development coaching is all about improving your way of thinking about the world to change your actions and redirect the course of your life. To find out more, please visit our Personal Development page.

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Written by Zoe Thomas
Written by Zoe Thomas
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