Midlife crisis now starting earlier

Midlife crisis now starting earlierAccording to a recent survey conducted by Relate, people in their thirties and forties are unhappier than any other age group.

Relate, the relationship counselling charity, joined forces with TalkTalk the phone company and asked 2,004 adults of various ages how happy they were with their lives and what problems they had in their relationships.

The results showed that those aged between 35-44 were the least satisfied, with 21 per cent admitting to feeling lonely a lot of the time.

Many of those surveyed (22 per cent) said they wanted better relationships with their families and shorter working hours (30 per cent). In addition to this 22 per cent admitted to having suffered depression as a result of a bad relationship and 40 per cent had, had an unfaithful partner.

Experts at Relate believe the ‘midlife crisis’ could be coming into effect slightly earlier now due to increasing pressure on people in their thirties to have successful careers as well as raising families.

Relate CEO, Claire Tyler has said: “It’s when life gets really hard – you’re starting a family, pressure at work can be immense and increasingly money worries can be crippling. We cannot afford to sit back and watch this happen. The ensuing effects of relationship breakdown on society are huge, so it’s really important that this age group has access to appropriate and relevant support, be that through friends and family or other methods such as counselling.”

Another option for those experiencing a turbulent period such as a midlife crisis is that of life coaching. A life coach will be able to help you in various aspects of your life, working with you to recognise your own values and set goals which will enable you to move forward in a positive direction. Whether the central issue is your relationship or your job, a life coach will help you to see things in a different way and will help you to set goals on what you’d like to achieve.

If you would like to contact a life coach please do so using the search tool located on the homepage of this site.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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