You're only "one conversation away from changing your life"

Men: You need to talk! We've all heard the saying, "You're only one conversation away from changing your life." And as men, this rings especially true when it comes to opening up and having meaningful connections.


This happened to me the other day and prompted me to write this article. Noticing a man's fitness watch, I approached him to ask about it. We ended up chatting for 30 minutes, bonding over our love of working out, races, and climbing mountains. Exchanging numbers and web addresses, we soon referred clients to each other. This never would have happened if I let shyness stop me. Stepping outside your comfort zone leads to growth. You never know what you might learn from a friendly conversation with someone new. By embracing opportunities to connect, inspiring interactions can happen.

Yet too often we shy away from really talking with others. We stick to shallow topics and hope people will come to us if they want to chat. But some of the most life-changing moments happen unexpectedly, especially when we step up and engage in passionate, heartfelt dialogue. Not to get something in return, but to connect as human beings.

I've learned this through experience. Looking back, some of my most influential conversations occurred when I least anticipated them. Like the time I randomly complimented a stranger's t-shirt of a mountain race he had done. We started chatting about running and mountains and realised we had so much in common. He ended up becoming one of my best clients. I was not out looking for clients and in fact, we did not work until make later, but it was the connection and the trust that was built over time that concluded in the coaching.

As men, we often resist these kinds of vulnerable conversations. We're taught to prize stoicism and self-reliance. But this isolates us. When we hide our true selves, we deny the benefits of mutual support, growth and kinship. By speaking openly from the heart, amazing breakthroughs happen.

So take a risk and start a conversation about something meaningful - dreams, fears, beliefs. Listen without judgement. Connect on a human level. Reach out and engage with someone new in your community. Attend meetups or events centred on hobbies you enjoy. Introduce yourself to neighbours you haven't met. Ask that stranger about his T-shirt. Reach out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while and catch up over coffee. Have an open and honest chat with your partner or close friend. Share your dreams as well as your fears with trusted people.

And if you don’t feel comfortable talking to people around you, a coach who will offer support and accountability without judgment may be helpful.

Don't just wait for things to happen - make them happen. Be bold and engage with others authentically. You never know, today could be the day you have that one life-changing talk. But you have to be willing to speak up first. So, start a conversation with someone new - you have the power to transform your life through a simple chat.

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Written by Shawn Nell
Dorking RH4 & London SE1

My name is Shawn Nell
I work with men who are unsatisfied with their life and ready to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Those who feel disconnected and have lost a sense of identity. Whether it's your career, your life or your relationship, I will help you remove or overcome beliefs and patterns that have held you back for years.

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