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To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde

It is essential to learn to love yourself. If you have low self-esteem, work on it. You can’t rely on others, waiting for them to please you, to reassure you that you are worthy. Otherwise, it might happen that when you are in a relationship, you put the other person on a pedestal, while you constantly think that you are not good enough for them. If you are insecure and you believe that your partner is better than you are, and perchance he or she forgets to compliment you, or reassure you every day, you might end up flirting with others in order to get that positive validation.

At the end, you will feel guilty for not being completely loyal, and you’ll think even less of yourself. Then the gap between you and your partner will only get bigger and deeper, and without realising it, your relationship is doomed to fail. Don’t be one of these people. Work on your self-confidence, love and accept every bit of yourself. Each and every one of us is amazing. If you don’t know where to start, find a coach that will guide you all the way.

One of the biggest myths about love is that it has to be something outside of us, when the truth is that we have all the power we need inside ourselves to be able to have this magical feeling. This love is much greater than romantic love, and it always starts by realising that we are our own source of it. Remember, love is all around.

Anyone who is close to me knows I am quite close to my heart and learned to love myself a long time ago. Was it easy? No, it most definitely wasn't. I worked extremely hard on myself until, one day, I finally understood that the only way to live a happier and better life was if I accepted my weaknesses and imperfections and forgave myself for the occasional mistakes I made. Here is a list of tips that you could do to boost your love towards yourself.

  • Give your body, soul, and mind what they desire. Make sure you have some time each day to nourish and pamper yourself and try to meditate on a regular basis.
  • Learn to say no. Don't let others use or step all over you. Be smart and set your boundaries.
  • End toxic relationships and get rid of those people who are just there to criticise you. Surround yourself with those who love you for who you are and support you all the way.
  • When someone compliments you, don't start to think about how you can pay back the compliments, but embrace it and say thank you.
  • You made some mistakes? So what? Learn from them and forgive yourself. No one is perfect. You probably did the best you could have done in any given moment.
  • Stop the comparison. You are unique, so please understand, you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone, only to yourself.
  • You will love yourself more if you see yourself accomplishing what you set out to do. Get out of your comfort zone and try something different. Don't be afraid to fail. You are much better than you think.
  • Celebrate your successes, no matter how small or big they are. Never miss an opportunity to give yourself a pat on the shoulder when you accomplish a previously set goal.
  • Last, but not least, get into the habit of keeping a success and gratitude journal.

I appreciate that practising self-love might be challenging, especially in a time when you need to face some serious challenges. But, believe me when I say that in order to have a healthy and happy life, it is essential.

Smiling can also help. When you smile, people treat you differently. After all, a smile is the prettiest thing we can ever wear! Did you also know that your smile is actually contagious? Test it! I encourage you to smile at the first person you see after reading this article.

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