Why is confidence crucial (and how to increase yours)

Do you want to improve your confidence?

I was a child model and actress from age eight. My agent insisted I had my legs insured in case I wrecked them from falling over when playing, so I was often kept home and unable to play with other children and because of this I was bullied at school until I entered my teens. I went on to being disrespected and disregarded by boyfriends and work colleagues up until my early 30s. 


Because I never had confidence, and never understood why it was so important. However when I crashed in every area of my life I suddenly got it!

When you do not have a robust inner self, you leave yourself wide open and vulnerable to disrespect, emotional and even physical abuse. Living in this fast-paced, challenging world without high self-esteem and confidence is setting yourself up for failure. 

Once you trust yourself 100% to make the right decisions for yourself, you will create the life you desire. Once you shift old limiting beliefs and blocks that are keeping you from truly feeling confident within, everything changes.

You may be thinking right now 'I know all this, I have read it so many times before’. What I would ask you is, ‘are you practising what you know?’. If you are not, then you clearly haven’t grasped the essence of and the methodology for letting go of your worn out behaviours, thoughts and beliefs.  Rituals can raise your confidence or lower your confidence. The quality of your results is a direct reflection of the quality of your mind.

How to increase yours

1. Make a success inventory. List every single success, however small. Keep it on you at all times so whenever you doubt yourself you can read it.

2. Say hundreds of times a day; 'I can and I will'.

3. Fire your inner committee and give yourself a break. It's always progress, not perfection.

4. Face a fear - whatever it is, even if it's making a call you have been putting off.

5. Hang around with positive, uplifting people who champion you.

6. Stop comparing and despairing. You are unique, there's no competition when you are authentic.

7. Stay positive, even when things don't go your way.

8. Always keep in mind, what you focus on you will attract in. Guard your thoughts.

9. Trust your intuition.     

You have to apply these tips daily. There is no short cut to any place worth going. Reframe your perception and view rejection as your protection. This way you will find that your confidence will not take a knocking every time you fail or fear failure.

You can do it! Make it happen. It's your time to shine...

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