What is 'self-discovery' and 6 reasons it's for you!

The term 'self-discovery' is one that gets thrown around a lot but what does it actually mean, and why should you be interested in diving into it yourself!? Let's explore...


What does self-discovery mean?

For me, self-discovery is about digging deep, it's the process of exploring and understanding your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, motives and values.

It's about gaining a deeper understanding of your self, which can lead to a greater sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. Ultimately, this allows you totap into your highest potential and creative power, so you can engage in the world with more freedom, fulfillment and joy.

It's about shining light onto those dark places within you that you didn't even know existed, or perhaps you had hidden so deep you had forgotten all about them...

It's about uncovering and accepting all parts of you so you can emerge into your whole and best self.

6 reasons why engaging in the process of self-discovery will help you

It will...

1. Increase your self-awareness

Self-discovery allows you to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, which can help you identify your core patterns and make positive changes in your life.

2. Improve your relationships

By understanding yourself better, you can communicate more effectively and form stronger connections with others.

3. Increase self-acceptance

This is a big one. Self-discovery can help you understand and accept your strengths and your weaknesses, leading you to a greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem, as inner conflict dissolves and a sense of wholeness returns.

Bonus! When we're more accepting of ourselves, this will naturally lead to an increase in compassion and acceptance for others, boosting the power of the point above even more.

4. Increase your decision-making and problem-solving capabilities

Engaging in self-discovery will help you understand your values, your dreams, goals and your motivations. Which in turn will help you become more aligned within yourself so you can make better decisions and overcome problems with more ease.

5. Discover your passions and purpose

Self-discovery can help you identify what is truly important to you, and what you're passionate about, which will help you make more aligned decisions and actions within your career, and on your life path.

6. Empower your growth and evolution

Self-discovery can help you identify areas of your life that you want to transform, and it will give you the tools to make those changes a reality.

There are many benefits to self-discovery but this is not a one-time thing, this is the core of a lifelong process of self-exploration and reflection that will help you master your mind, and your life. 

As a self-discovery coach myself, I help people to dig deep and shine light upon their unconscious patterns that are keeping them locked in doubt and self-sabotage. I show them ways to connect with their subconscious mind so they can transform from a mindset of fear into one of love, courage and joy, unleashing their hidden superpowers and allowing their purpose-filled life to emerge.

So, if this resonates and you would like to ignite your own self-discovery journey, then visit my profile to learn more.

To your self-discovery,


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London EC2M & SE16
Written by Gareth Willett, Self-Discovery Coach & Psychotherapist (ICF & BABCP)
London EC2M & SE16

Is anxiety, stress and over-thinking leaving you battling with a busy and self-critical mind, and getting it to ‘be quiet’ is an impossible quest? Are you being called to a purpose greater than your current reality, but self-sabotaging patterns of fear and doubt keep getting in the way?...

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