That Monday feeling

I had that Monday morning feeling again today.


That feeling of total calm I get when I’m walking my dog in our local woods as the sun rises. Because it's early, we often seem to have this beautiful oak woodland to ourselves. Today there was a beautiful sunrise. It was spectacular. But I enjoy these walks just as much in the rain, wind and snow. It’s just about the perfect start to a new week. 

That feeling of excitement at the countless possibilities for the week ahead. I've usually collected several business ideas over the weekend, but I don't allow myself to progress them until I'm 'back at work' on Monday. So once I'm at my desk there's a flurry of activity as I go through my weekend scribbles. 

That feeling of connection I get when I’m meeting up with my coaching clients. Coaching at the weekends is off-limits these days, so Monday is the day I reconnect. I love working with each and every one of my coaching clients so whoever's in the diary, Monday is a good day.

That feeling of achievement I get when I tick off all of my Monday morning tasks. I always ensure that my schedule includes a meaningful and achievable 'to-do' list. I know that this sets me up well for the week ahead, so it's an important habit for me to maintain.

That feeling of energy that comes from exercise. At my age, my body needs a rest at the weekends, so Monday marks a return to the gym or at least some sort of training. And with exercise comes energy. It sets me up for the day, and if I've trained, I'm more likely to eat healthily too. 

That feeling of fulfilment and happiness that comes from feeling that everything I'm doing is meaningful... I call it living 'on purpose'. I feel this way most of the time, but I notice it most on Mondays. 

I feel in balance. Monday mornings feel just as good as Friday evenings. They're both great feelings. But I didn’t always feel like this about Mondays, so I'm here to reassure you that there's another way. 

If you hate Mondays, and apparently 70% of us do, it's important to recognise what's really going on: Monday is not the problem. And even if it was, it's not going away!

If you hate Mondays, you probably feel just as bad on every other working day. It's just more noticeable on Monday because it follows Sunday. And you like Sunday because it's not Monday!

If you hate Mondays you probably lose some of Sunday worrying about it. 

So what can you do about it? 

Firstly, accept that you are in control of your life. Nobody else will sort it out for you. Secondly, decide whether you want things to change. You have to really want to change, otherwise it just won't happen. It's going to take some courage and lots of hard work.

Finally, you need to take action. Make a plan, then take the first step. And if you need help with this final step, it’s time to find yourself a coach.

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Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53
Written by Alan Evans, Executive Coach, Life Coach
Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53

Alan is an experienced and qualified coach and mentor to individuals and organisations.

He has a thoughtful and supportive coaching style. He helps individuals to reach their full potential by focusing on what really matters.

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