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Working with Sarah as my coach has been a journey of self-discovery. When the right questions are asked, I can find the answers within myself, and most importantly, it has empowered me to take action!

I decided to seek the support of a coach after years of thinking that I was not in the right place in my professional life, and this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Through the decisions coaching empowered me to make, I was able to further not only my professional life but all aspects of my life.

As a coach, Sarah is approachable and understanding, yet professional, knowledgeable, and creative. After each session, I am left in awe of how previously impossible things and thoughts have now become easy and clear, and how many tools there are to find the answers and solutions I am seeking.

The sessions are also very helpful, reminding me to check in with myself regularly. When I get overwhelmed with all that is happening, a little check-in helps me to feel grounded and come back to myself. 

I am incredibly grateful to my coach, Sarah, and could not recommend coaching enough!

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All coaches are verified professionals

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