Staying motivated when you’re overloaded - Part two

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Take a break


One of the biggest mistakes that many of us make when we’re feeling overwhelmed with our workload, is we don’t take breaks. Many of us believe that a break is only going to waste precious minutes that we could have used to get ahead of our list. I cannot count the number of times that I used to sit shoving a sandwich down my throat while trying to type with my spare hand. Everyone has done this at some point, but I soon learned that taking regular breaks helped me become more productive.

I’m not saying that if you’re feeling overwhelmed and you know you will never complete the work you need to complete today to take a full hour for lunch, but a half an hour break can give you the break you desperately need. Ensure you get up and move around, take a walk around the block or find a quiet place to sit down and enjoy your lunch before heading back to your desk for round two.

After a break you will feel refreshed and this will give you the motivational boost you need to get going again. Taking a few short five minute breaks throughout the day can also give you the strength you need to keep going when there appears to be no end in sight.

Set targets and rewards

By setting yourself simple targets throughout the day you can remain motivated. Start every day with a “to do” list and make your way through it, one step at a time. Set yourself a target to complete the first five tasks on the list and then reward yourself with a fifteen minute break. This is a wonderful motivational tool that will help you steam ahead.

Once you’ve completed the first five tasks on your list, take your break enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, maybe spoil yourself with a slice of cake, eat your lunch, call your friend. You can decide what reward you want to enjoy once you’ve reached your first milestone of the day.

It isn’t easy to stay motivated when we feel overwhelmed at work, it can lead to us being despondent and reducing our productivity as a result. In order to remain focussed, we need to set clear targets and enjoy positive rewards to achieve our daily goals.

Stop checking emails

One of the biggest faults that many of us face is the urge to check our emails constantly throughout the day. While we have no control over the phone ringing, we do have control on how often we check our emails. I was a victim of email checking, my targets would fall by the wayside as I checked emails and responded to urgent ones.

You should set yourself specific times that you check emails throughout the day. This way you can keep to your targets and improve your productivity. Once you’ve checked the emails at set times, any urgent emails can be added to your list for the day.

Being in control of when you check your emails can help you be organised, productive and help you stay motivated without being all over the pace. In turn, this can lead to success.

Remember to smile at those who walk past your office door even if you feel there is no end in sight with the mountains of paperwork in your desk trays. A smile or a laugh with a colleague is a wonderful stress relief which can help you boost your motivation. Give it a try!

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