Recession as an Opportunity - 5 Key Steps to Succeed

When coaching women, regardless of their education level and position held, the most common issue coming up is they don’t know what they want. They are waiting for someone else to tell them that it is OK to want something more in their lives.

When our lives are disrupted, when we are forced to take action or make tough decision, we have two choices; shake with fear, run and hide or realise that there is no such thing as disruption without an opportunity. Do you know that many of the largest and successful organizations were started during an economic crisis? Microsoft started in 1975 as a little company that dealt in rudimentary computing languages, CNN started in 1980 as a little-known station called The Cable Network News. The founders saw a moment of opportunity. They took action while others were shaking with fear and hiding. The question is: Are we born with natural ability to control our fears or do we learn it? Only a small proportion of the population is born with this. However, you can learn a set of strategies that take you to the same place.


There has never been a better time to start your new business! Take action while others are shaking with fear and hiding. Stop using up your energy being obsessed about your fear that you might lose your job or your house or your relationship. Focus on your vision of what you want. Moving towards a goal is more motivating than being moved by fear.


We always ask a question: "What if I fail?" Then we imagine a scenario of our failure, and get paralysed. "What if I fail?" is a very important question to ask, but instead of getting paralysed, follow up with three other questions: "How will I recover?", "What if I did nothing?", "What if I succeed?" Tell yourself an alternative story! This will wake up your mobility instead of paralysing you.


We didn’t come to Earth to be an average.  We came here to unleash our genius. We are the best in doing things that we are passionate about. Take time to identify your areas of excellence, things that empower you most. These are often things that come naturally to you, that make you feel energized and excited. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Find your genius and follow your passion! Set-up a passion-filled business and bring more pleasure into your life.


Think what has to happen in your life to accomplish your idea, to start your new business and become your own boss. Be aware of what you are competent at. Build on your experience. If you have a desire to start a fashion design business but are stuck in accountancy, you are blowing your opportunity away. Create a logical, well researched, flexible plan, even if it is a long-term one. Don’t quit your day job. No matter how fed up you are, no matter how brilliant your vision is. In this uncertain economic hardship, today is not the day to jump out of the ship. Be practical, even if you desire to do something else. Set a plan and follow it. Start with the easiest tasks and build your confidence. Reward yourself on your small achievements. Create a vision of your new business in 10 years time. Where it is, how big it will be, what turnover it makes. Grow your business to the level you desire.


Only you can change your future and create the life you want to live, no one else. If you blame others and shift the responsibility away from you, you are looking for answers in the wrong place. Make the shift and create a new better future for yourself. You don’t know where to start? Get a life coach. Why not? Life coaching is a practical system that has helped many people to improve their lives, start new businesses, take their business to the next level. Sometimes even one session with a life coach can shift your whole life. Wouldn't it be nice to break through to the next level of your career and start your passion-filled business? Don’t miss the opportunity! Take responsibility for your future!

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