Playing it small

Too many of us play it small in our careers or businesses – and maybe in life in general. We may have brilliant ideas, know how to solve intricate and challenging problems or how to engage and motivate people. We work hard and are committed. Yet, time and time again we are overlooked, put to one side.  Why? 

Often it is down to our “inner critic”, that voice that wants us to play it safe, have that easy life and not want to be noticed. It's safe and relatively risk free in our comfort zones, isn’t it?

Yet, often when that voice gets louder and more alarming – it’s a good thing. It can mean that we are ready to take that next big step, to really take action to achieve our dreams. You will never remove the voice, you can however quieten it down.

The key is to recognise what is happening. Hear it, however don’t allow it to dictate your choices.  Remove it from your concept of “I” – refer to it as My Inner Critic. Maybe you can make it into a cartoon or some other visual image, give it a funny voice and seek the humour in the situation?

Understand why this character does what it does, observe it’s intentions. Then, tell it ‘Thank You, however…”.  Imagine this character floating off into the distance further and further away from you. 

I was taught a great technique by my children as teenagers, it’s the “yeah, whatever” and “so what?” approach. Works for me! Maybe you can give it a try?

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