Overcoming the negative mind chatter

We all have an internal chatter. It can be pretty hard to get away from it or even to just turn the volume down a little. But, as we start to become more aware of our inner voice, we recognise that perhaps what say to ourselves could be a bit kinder.

Do you recognise the narrative that is constantly running in your head? Do you tend to give yourself a hard time? Or do you also give yourself words of encouragement? 

Recognising how we talk to ourselves is the first step. Would you talk to your best friend or children in the same way that you talk to yourself? Probably not! What might you say to them in similar circumstances? My guess is you’d offer them words of encouragement, tell them it was going to be ok, or that tomorrow will be better. So why don’t we encourage ourselves in this way too?

Our conversation is pretty repetitive. We tend to tell ourselves the same things over and over again, and it becomes so repetitive we don’t even realise what we say to ourselves anymore. But it still affects us and shapes how we react in certain situations. Our negative chatter usually follows one of these themes: we aren’t good enough, we’re not worthy enough, or that we don’t deserve it. Do you recognise one of these in yourself?

But there's good news! Once we begin to recognise the negative internal chatter we can start to do something positive to change it.

Here are 3 things you can try out today:

  • Be kinder to yourself. Start by giving yourself a few words of encouragement. You’ll be thankful for them. Perhaps you could tell yourself that you’ll get through it, that you will feel better tomorrow, or that you are allowed to feel upset but it will pass. Remember that nothing is permanent.
  • It’s ok to make mistakes. We all get it a little bit wrong sometimes. Perhaps we could have said or done something differently, and by recognising this we give ourselves an opportunity to do it differently next time.
  • Recognise the learning opportunity. Our difficulties sometimes come about when we do the same things over and over again, without realising that we could try a new and different approach. How could you do things differently next time? 

Remember: Start small. Start by recognising when you are not being particularly kind to yourself, and offer yourself a word of encouragement. Start with step 1 above and then add another. Notice what begins to change as you start being kinder to yourself. Are others responding by being kinder in return?

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Willesden Green, NW2
Written by Natasha Harris, Shine your Soul Light in Business
Willesden Green, NW2

I am an accredited Mindfulness Coach and also a Reiki Practitioner. As well as sharing easy and simple mindfulness techniques I also bring my experience of meditation, guided visualisations, mindfulness and flower essence remedies to my sessions for a truly unique experience.

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