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Do you find that you are continually proven right when you think something won't work? Or that when you aim high you miss the mark? 

I'm probably not going to engage you in this article when I say this - but you're right! It won't work and you will miss the mark. 

Hang on a minute though - as a coach, aren't I supposed to be telling you that you can reach your goals, and you can be more successful? 

Well, that's only true if we believe it to be true. If we don't truly believe that we will get what we want then all our brain will try to do is prove us right by missing our target or goal etc...

What we need to understand is that, under the surface, there are any number of "limiting" beliefs that have served us over the years and kept us safe. We learned these beliefs in our formative years from our parents, friends and experiences. We don't even know on a conscious level that they exist. 

To live a limitless life we need to remove these limiting beliefs whenever they come up. A good way to find them is to set your outcome and then ask: "why haven't I got it now?". The reasons for not having it will most likely be the limiting beliefs you hold about the world, who you are and what you can achieve.

Once you have started finding them, work with a coach or get trained on how to remove them. Believe me - it can literally change your life.

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