Let it go! Let it go! The art of forgiveness

Ever felt that if only I had that job, things will be better or if only I lost that last 10 pounds, things will be great or if only I had the great car, house, guy, girl, if only I was older, younger, prettier, thinner, sexier … (you fill in the blanks) everything in my life will be better!?

We are sometimes in a constant flux between our past and future. We don't take time to realise everything we do have right now, right in this moment. Sometimes we are wishing and hoping for things, we actually watch life pass us by and we say,

Another year over, where is time going?

Since starting my own transformation journey I have learnt that to be at peace and enjoy the present I have had to let go of my past. I had to let go of all my negative emotions from past events such as losing my beautiful mum to cancer, the betrayal of a much loved stepdad, a broken marriage (before I was even thirty) and the niggling feelings that I just wasn't good enough. When I learnt how to release the emotions and the limiting beliefs I had, I became free and it gave me the space to forgive.


We often view forgiveness as something we give to someone outside of us, the boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife who cheated, the parents who let us down or the stranger that tore a family apart. To me though I learnt that forgiveness is something we need to give to ourselves first and foremost. We need to forgive ourselves for the way we often treat ourselves - think about all the times that you talk to yourself in a harsh and critical way. The way you can put yourself down that you wouldn't dream of doing to your best friend. We can be so harsh on ourselves.

Robert Holden in his book 'Lovability' writes:

… forgiveness is a decision you make to have a loving relationship with yourself.

Loving the life you're in, is about accepting you and your life as it is right now.  It's about cutting yourself some slack and allowing yourself to appreciate all the great things you have in your life.

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