How unfinished tasks lead to a stressed mind

In order to become more present "in the moment", it’s very important to first free our minds from past, future, or everyday life stresses, anxieties, and fears. It's possible if we can eliminate a big portion of those constant feelings of worries, anxieties, everyday stress. We must be able to let go of those past experiences which caused us having certain negative thinking patterns that can get repeated every day, leaving us feeling stressed out without even noticing any apparent reason for that stress. It causes a state of unease in the mind which affects the performance and leaves us more unsatisfied and unhappy in life.


How to find inner calmness

Here are a few tips on how can we get more lasting inner calmness on a sustainable basis after prioritizing, and not leaving our important tasks unfinished.

First of all stop for a moment and think about what it is which is most important for you to do at the moment, in the coming months, or coming years of your life. As most people are either dragging the past issues with them in the present or over worrying about the future, both prevents them from being calm in the present and affects their choices on each day, which eventually leads to poor decisions in life and make all the worries about the future come true.

To have a calm and stable state of mind and to strengthen your inner self:

Identify what you want

First, find out what it is that you want in your life, be clear and truthful about it with yourself. Acknowledge what you have already achieved; appreciate that gratitude plays a huge role in having a peaceful mind and can strengthen you from inside.

Notice three to five things in your life you like at the moment and also ask yourself "are those things taking you/supporting you towards the things you want to do/have in your life?". Now, when you have found the goals/things which are most important for you in life, have a look now - are you working towards those goals to achieve them or are you just getting overwhelmed by not working on them at all?

Break down your goals

Now gradually break down your goals into smaller steps which you are going to take on now every day. Just focus on smaller steps after setting your goal so that you don’t get overwhelmed or depressed because your bigger goal seems very difficult to achieve from your current situation.

Set three small goals

Think of three things you can start doing today to take you gradually towards that which you want in your life. If not now, definitely in the near future your small actions taken today will create your desired future. So be mindful if you are just stuck in that vicious cycle of thoughts and patterns which never brought you even closer to your dreams and break them by taking small steps today.

Take time off

Take time off! Some quiet time with yourself allows you to know your inner feelings and gives you clarity. It can help you manage feelings of overwhelm from the outside world.

Let things go

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself or others, don’t be obsessed with the idea of perfection and learn the art of letting things go; forgiving others and yourself creates more gratitude inside of you. It also has a positive impact on your body and you have more space in your head for productivity. 

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Written by Freeha Ahmad, certified Life & Business Coach | Hypnotherapist | Mentor
Birmingham B15 & Cradley Heath B64

I specialized as a life and business coach and helping people since 2017 in identifying and achieving their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to helping them. Get in touch to learn more.

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