How to deal with rejection

Walt Disney was fired from his first job on a newspaper for not being creative enough. Michael Jordan was rejected from his high school basketball team. Ellen DeGeneres was repeatedly rejected by TV companies - she has won 13 Emmy awards. JK Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers.

Do not give into "the committee" which continually feed you negative voices within and tell you that you have failed. Someone else's opinion of you, is just that. It's an opinion and not a fact.

Sure, it isn’t easy when we have set our heart on something and it falls through or it is taken away and yes it is disappointing. It’s so easy to give into the negative voices that want you to be nothing but mediocre. It’s so easy to take rejection personally.  

Do not give in. Be courageous and keep believing.

Success is 1% talent and 99% focus, discipline and perspiration.

Stop doubting yourself. Plant a seed of hope inside your mind, let it grow, nurture it and cherish it. Don’t fall back into the old pattern of saying, "I screwed up, I made a mistake, I am not good enough."

Commit to becoming the best version of yourself. Every single rejection prepares you for stepping into a brand new way of living, thinking and being!

Break-ups happen. Redundancy happens. Interviews don’t go the way you want them to. Requests for a raise are turned down. Friend’s reject our opinions. Long-term contracts come to an end. Manuscripts get rejected.  

Don’t let any rejections you encounter today cast a shadow on your dreams for tomorrow. 

Don't wallow in self–pity, or moan and groan to your friends.

It is as it is. It is a part of life and everyone will have had zillions of rejections, but look back on them and think, "Wow I am so pleased xxx didn’t happen, as I wouldn’t have met xxx or I wouldn’t be where I am now!"

From today, view any rejections as a blessing as always something better appears.

My favourite saying is, "We polish here and over there it shines."

Someone wise said to me once, "How are you?" I said, "I’m good thanks". He replied, "This too shall  pass". I burst out laughing.

Life will be always throw rejections at us and we will face many disappointments. I will be disappointed, you will be disappointed, but what I know for sure is, it will pass.

Make it happen - It's your time to shine!

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