How to be more successful in career and business

Without doubt, times have changed for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. Being adaptable and flexible in business and career has never been as important, given the new realities we are all facing. How we make money, become resilient and be successful is paramount now. 


Upgrade your business brain using the power of your entrepreneurial spirit

All businesses are having to re-evaluate and find innovative ways to survive and come out in a stronger position in the market place. 

Having the right mindset and focus is now more crucial than ever. If we think about the future and feel uncertainty and 'what if's...', you've already 'lost', self-doubt has reared its head, and you are on shaky ground. Business coaching may be worth considering to help you re-engage with that spark you once had.

Despite the new paradigm that is emerging, now is the time to upgrade your brain, beliefs and the actions that lead to success, health, more money and happiness. See these times as a gift. Tricky, I know, but what are the options? Wait and see...?

Create a positive mindset

The brain, when primed with the right 'positive hypnosis/self talk', when everything looks dark and fearful, can make you feel, think and act in a positive and upbeat way; you feel successful before you might be so.

You have to feel the emotion of what you want and see it. Why is this important; the mind doesn't know the difference between a real and imagined event. When you are continually going over doubts, negativity and bad quality thoughts, you tend to get that in your life. You are what you think and focus on consistently. (Anxiety sufferers are masters of this). However, when you understand how to programme your mind differently, and self-direct it, that is what makes the difference. That is what makes successful people stand out; they know how to bypass that negativity and hold strong, no matter what the environment. They activate a specific part of the brain that many others don't know how to.

And it doesn't matter if you are employed, you still operate your mind, or if not, somebody else is! Entrepreneurs or business owners, you are a breed of your own. Your spirit and vision, at some point in the past, made you brave enough to step away. You used your vision, passion and determination to think big and act accordingly - re-ignite it now. You can only gain, in positivity, creativity and attraction. This, of course, spills out into other areas of our lives, so it's a win/win, isn't it? 

It's a truly fascinating journey once we start to direct our brain and get the results. 

So let me leave you with a question; today, how would you like to feel, or what attitude would you like to have towards your work/business no matter what's happening? You get to make that choice, every day, so choose and enjoy.

And if you feel you'd like some support on your journey to create a positive mindset and reach your goals, then why not speak to a life-coach. Life Coach Directory offers more information and a search tool to find a professional coach. 

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Richmond TW9 & Southsea PO5
Written by Denise Bosque, Dip.Hyp, MBSCH | Coach, EMDR Therapist, NLP & CBT
Richmond TW9 & Southsea PO5

Denise Bosque was a Professional actress in theatre, TV and films. Now has nearly 20 yrs experience as a Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMDR therapist, Linden Anxiety Recovery Coach, Drawing and Talking Therapist and Mindfulness teacher. She gives talks on Anxiety, Self Worth & Being the Best you Can Helping people to be Happier.

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