Eating is a frequent discussion topic in coaching sessions and so I wanted to put a few brief but key thoughts and questions together around this vast topic.

Are we eating too much? Not enough? The right amount? Good nutritious foods? What we fancy and when we are hungry? What are our answers? We need to better understand our relationship with food.

Eating is good. It’s allowed. It’s healthy. It’s necessary. It’s enjoyable. It’s sociable. It’s nourishing. It’s normal. How are we describing it?

Can we perhaps take some learning from the letters that make up the word "EATING" and start to understand the relationship we have with food and eating and consider making positive changes if we need to? Some questions are indeed perhaps food for thought.


  • Emotions: Is our hunger emotional? Food cannot satisfy other types of emotional hunger or desire.
  • Energy: Food gives us great energy. Are we eating the right foods for this?
  • Enjoyment: We really need to be enjoying our relationship with what we are eating. Are we?


  • Attitude: Is ours an easy and healthy attitude to food?
  • Absorption: Are we eating every mouthful slowly and enjoyably?


  • Tummy: Are we full? Or are we eating more or less than we actually need?
  • Taste: Let’s celebrate the flavours and the tastes.
  • Time: Let’s ensure we are taking appropriate time for each meal and snack.


  • In Control: Is our eating out of or within our control?
  • Image: Does what we eat influence how we view ourselves?


  • Nourishment and Nutrition: Are we eating for our body’s well being?


  • Guilt: Are we feeling guilty about what we are eating or enjoying the food we love?
  • Good foods/ bad foods: How do we view food? If we only eat things we feel are ‘good’ for us, are we missing out?

There is an extensive array of professional support and help available to anyone finding they are struggling with their relationship with eating. Please don’t let it get out of control.

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Written by Sue MacGillivray, BSc (Hons] Life Coaching Solutions
Glasgow G2 & G41

If you’re feeling more caterpillar than butterfly, I’ll help you find your wings. I work with my clients to explore options and find solutions to achieve happiness, fulfilment and purpose in work and at home. Absolutely everyone is different and coaching sessions are tailored appropriate...

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