Confidence made simple

Confidence, like any 'mood' is a state. You can achieve it almost instantly. In fact - you already have many 'confidence' anchors, and may not be aware of what they are at a conscious level.

Consistent confidence is realistic and very achievable. These unconscious factors can be practised over time, promoting confidence in all personas. Professional coaches may recognise your approach and knowing where you want to be is crutial.

Maybe you have a picture in mind of your confidence level in certain situations. Perhaps you want to feel more confident at work or in social situations. For many, presentations are demanding an entertaining edge as well as a confident speaking communication, your message must have authority.  
Others may have an event in the future that they have never encountered before so have little idea of how confident they will be on the day without experience - Weddings this summer anyone?

Easily coaching your confidence from where it is now to where you want it to be requires a strategy of success. A strategy that can be offered with the right coaching.

Even if you consider yourself already confident, is it consistent?
Do you achieve it at the level you desire in all areas of your life?

I have a background in Acting and public speaking for over 20 years. I encountered my personal bout of a self-confidence crisis which led me to my discoveries as a coach. Even being used to delivering in front of large audiences, an external trigger, maybe a person or occurrence could jeopardise the consistency and quality. People can go from confident to nervous and anxious without fully understanding why it is happening. With the right coach, the root cause can also be eliminated and then they can take you to your new ideal very quickly.

I came upon NLP, Hypnosis and TFT. A combination which not only gave me a therapeutic boost and spring clean, but also enabled my old authentic confidence to shine with fantastic coaching techniques that were simple to follow and massively effective.

Anchoring is one such technique and NLP coach can hep you with. To explain how it works firstly bring to mind your favourite adverts. Remember the music or words that hooked you, the image, sounds, feelings, ideas they evoked. Then, think of the product that promoted those feelings, sounds, images, ideas, processes, and how they were re-triggered. Anchoring is used by marketeers and ad companies all the time (Levis ads or John Lewis are excellent examples of great emotional anchored ads). We anchor emotions and states all the time. We have been doing it all our lives. By utilising the natural brain processes, we can run our own brains and neurology to serve us positively. De-anchoring the negative anchors and positively anchoring instead!

If you combine anchoring, collapsing negative anchors to the confidence body techniques practised, exceptional results can occur. Think about the people you like to listen to on the radio or watch on the TV. Think about the qualities of their voice, their energy, their stance, their intention and why that hooks you specifically. By modelling their techniques and by cherry picking those techniques you admire, you can inform the unconscious mind exactly how you want to project yourself to others in public situations.


That attainable attitude and achievable strategy can be practised, with the right coaching, confidence can be encouraged and appear more realistic.

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Written by Diane Beck, Health-Success NLP Hypnotherapist
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My Name is Diane Beck. I am an NLP-Hypnotist, coach and professional actress & speaker. Trained initially as an actress at RADA, working for the National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and for TV and film companies around the world. I now coach and train others in public speaking, confidence, career and business coaching and NLP Therapy.

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