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Career coaching is for more than your first job role! So, how does career coaching help?


It is often initially presumed to help people get into the right career path for them; but not only that, coaching can help you understand yourself more and work in a way that resonates with you and is a natural flow for you resulting in less stress, pressure and effort/energy.

It can work with you where you are ‘at’ now on your career path. That may be halfway through your career, at the end of it and working towards retirement, or transitioning to another organisation (or even industry in similar roles and skillsets), or even, for the self-employed and sole traders, pivoting your business into a new sphere or a more specific niche.

Careers are as varied as the people undertaking them, searching for the ‘right’ one or changing to a new area.

Coaching is a personal service for you. Yes, the general process is one of goals, action plans and motivation but more than that – it is for you, about you, with you and how those things will work best for you and get you where you want to be and where you need to be!

Coaching is a process of becoming, not just being – it is progressive, proactive, and change management consistently and purposefully.

So where are you within your own career path and how could I help you? Let’s start at the end!  


Or is it the ‘end of your career’? No not really. It is just another stage in your career with so much more opportunity but in a new direction, a new purpose, a new relaxed and enjoyable – less pressured – stage.  

What have you always wanted to do with your free time? Who are you now without the corporate or business identity? Who do you need to become to feel still yourself but a new version, calmer, more active like travelling for example, more creative like music or artistic pursuits or sports-oriented is not ‘less active’ but in a new way by choice vs. responsibility!

Pivoting to a new niche

Why do you want to move there? What was missing that pushes you and why is it now? Who are you now that has perhaps changed and your values may have a new focus?

You why is so important for small businesses and sole traders. It is for anyone but here especially because the passion and purpose are very personal for you to sell yourself and your vision.

Pivoting industry or company

Perhaps your heart needs to be heard and acted on instead of your head and what is ‘best’ for you has changed.  

Maybe a new opportunity in today’s world - with tech and AI for marketing rather than creative thinking. Maybe because of family growth or separation and sole responsibility, for example, or commuting is easier this way, at this point in your life stages.

It may be that you have more to offer now and your company won’t/don’t promote from within or they can’t see what you now have to offer following training and development in-house or personally.   

Moving from corporate to self-employment

A big change. Entrepreneurial ideas to capitalise on or a job role you have had that turned your head and you want to do it your way, not to someone else’s policies and procedures or target-driven.

It sounds easy ‘to do your own thing, take time off when you want/need to, get the income all to yourself’. Yet it isn’t like that at all and navigating the changes in both practical terms, motivation, self-discipline and mindset and self-belief plus the 24/7 connection to your creation and its success!

I can help. Been there, done that, doing it, reinventing constantly, learning every day, sharing more and more with what I have learned and experienced and mistakes made and successes achieved.

Communication or conflict at work

Those pesky policies and procedures you step over without even realising, or passion takes over and you have stepped out of line perhaps! Someone doesn’t like it and takes it further from bullying to PIPs to pulling the cultural line.

We are human beings. We think differently, some shared values but different perspectives perhaps, your needs vs. company needs, beliefs, expectations or behaviours that don’t fit in or at least with those above. These can be stressful times for employees and extra work for managers and HR.

Everyone struggles, your teammates take on more, you are absent or distracted, and as a manager you have more than the daily drive and motivation and monitoring and flexing!

Talking it through, the written words, body language belying the truth, adult to adult or the complexities of game playing with different rules for different sides.

Coaching can help you navigate where you are in these situations and work for a win-win rather than having to move on perhaps.

These are just a few ideas on how career coaching can help and mindset coaching within that working with your conscious, decision-making brain and your powerful unconscious reactive brain and survival instincts.

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Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4
Written by Julie Crowley, NLP & Hypnosis practitioner, Mindset Coach, Business Coach
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4

Julie provides Mindset Coaching, NLP or Hypnosis work with your conscious & unconscious mind to Change your mind, Change your life. Coaching helps you to find & know yourself - utilise your natural talents & tendencies for success, find options and prepare for opportunities, create more with enhanced relationships and clear communication.

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All coaches are verified professionals