Building Confidence With Your Appearance

Confidence is a funny old thing, the reason we say this, we all show confidence at different times and in different areas of our life, and because of this I would describe confidence as being somewhat elusive.

However for some reason when we are showing acts of confidence we just don’t seem to realise it. We tend to only notice when we are lacking in confidence, not when we have it. But all too often when we do want to have confidence in certain situations, it just appears to not be there.

So, one of the keys to building your self confidence and allowing yourself to create the persona when you need it most, happens with your appearance.

‘’Dress for success, they say.’’

What you wear has an impact, often subconsciously, on how you feel. Looking good, feeling good in what you have on, will ultimately create self confidence. I’m sure you can think of that special item of clothing in your closet, that makes you feel good when you put it on and another one in there that you don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, creating confidence is not just about your appearance. But believe me when I say it is a part of the ingredient. So the next time your needing self confidence, be it when you’re approaching your boss, in social situations, or perhaps asking someone out on a date or sharing your feelings with your partner. Think about what you will wear.

How will this item of clothing make you feel?
What message does this item say?

‘‘Confidence goes hand in glove with self-esteem’’

Start building your confidence today!

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