Ask yourself these 3 questions and have a confident New Year

We’re running up to the final few days of 2017 now, where did it go! However, your 2017 went I'm sure you're looking forward to a confident new year.

For some people, it’s been a really tough year, but for most of us, there will have been some wonderful and positive moments, along with possible setbacks and sadness.

Year’s end is neither an end or a beginning, but a going on with all the wisdom that experience can install in us.  Hal Borland

Before you launch into your New Year resolutions it’s worth thinking about what this year had to teach you.

To help you with this I have 3 powerful questions:

  • What one thing did you do this year that you are most proud of? It doesn’t matter how big or small this achievement is. Just remember to acknowledge your efforts and success, as that will boost your confidence for next year
  • Think about a mistake you made this year and what was the lesson you learnt from it? Again the size of the mistake isn’t important, it’s about the changes you can take into 2018 as a result
  • Which belief about yourself are you going to let go of before 2018? This means the story or belief you have about yourself. For example; “I can’t do presentations” or “There’s no point in me trying to make new friends, I never meet anyone new”
    Challenge these stories and let the beliefs go. Then step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the results

See this as an opportunity for self-compassion (being kind to yourself) rather than using it to replay uncomfortable situations or to set high expectations for yourself.

I believe that setting yourself goals can be a great way to motivate and focus your energy as long as you don't attach your self-esteem and approval to the outcome.

Have a wonderful Xmas and New Year


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