Seven things high self-esteem people don't do

High self-esteem people are aware that their worth is not determined by power or prestige, but by their moral principles, the courage of their convictions and their sincerity. They are alert to their own needs and have the ability to see good in unexpected places and talents in unexpected people. In the world of personal development it is a known fact those who are successful have high self-esteem and keep their minds free from clutter. They are tolerant of others who make blunders, as they know that they learned by making mistakes.

They focus on creating, not criticising. They don’t focus on perfection as they know that will distract them from excellence. They are aware that hurrying and being busy aren’t the same as productivity, but rather reveal an exaggerated sense of their own importance.

In today's fast paced world and when entering the world of personal development, it is even more essential than ever to possess high self-esteem. Everybody has their own visions, dreams and hopes and we all take different routes to get to where we want to go to, so our experiences are individual and yet those who are most successful avoid things that those with low self esteem tend to do.

Here are seven things high self-esteem people don't do:

1. They don't compare and despair.

People with low self-esteem always compare themselves to everyone else. They constantly put others on a pedestal. They never feel they are 'good enough, smart enough, funny enough, slim enough'. Those with high self-esteem focus on their goals, aspirations and achievements. They take a look in the mirror as they know that's who their competition is. 

2. They don't have a sense of entitlement.

Those with low self-esteem are not aware how crucial high self-esteem is to success. Those with high self-esteem are hard workers and they push themselves through their comfort zone. They have self-belief so they know they can achieve success and don't rest on their laurels. They don't moan and groan, they just 'do it'.

3. They don't focus on what's not happening.

People are more positive when they have high self-esteem because they are always grateful for what they have and not wasting energy complaining about what's going wrong in their life. They let go of what has not worked out and they move on.

4. They don't people please.

People with high self-esteem know everybody will not be happy when they don't people please but they don't worry about that. They focus on being integral by pleasing themselves. After all saying one thing and meaning another is being fake. They are happy to say yes if they genuinely want to, but they wont say it because they are looking for approval. 

5. They don't try to be perfect.

People with high self-esteem aim for excellence, not perfectionism. Those with low self-esteem are always trying to be perfect. High self-esteem people are comfortable being perfectly imperfect. They take action and let go of the outcome trusting in themselves they have done the best they can.

6. They don't put others down.

Those with low self-esteem always criticise, judge and bully others as they enjoy flagging up others shortcomings. High self-esteem people champion others, support them and inspire them. Those with low self-esteem don't have confidence and so they are threatened by others who do and are successful or on their way to success.

7. They don't manipulate.

High self-esteem people are not controlling and don't feel the need to tell you what you ought to do, and how you ought to behave. They don't guilt trip you or shame you into doing what they want. They don't build you up to make you feel dependent on them, then point out your defects so they can feel superior and make you feel you need them.    

It's always helpful when entering the world of personal development you have an awareness that  knowledge is power. If you have low self-esteem you can build it by knowing what not to do. It is crucial to learn to not take things personally if you are around bosses, colleagues or friends who suffer from chronic low self-esteem, remember it is them who has the issue, not you so don't let them project all their insecurities onto you.

You can do it - make it happen. Why? It's your time to shine.

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