Seven steps to showcasing your smarts

A great way to develop your confidence is to showcase what you know, you'll feel better about yourself and others perceptions of you will change for the better.

Can you swiftly present yourself as knowledgeable?

Becoming an in-the-know employee, or external expert who can ‘talk the talk’ can be as easy and incorporating a few new habits, grounded in building a solid new reading routine – into your daily schedule.

Here are seven steps to do just that:

Step one - Read the news daily. Online or in hard copy, national and local.

Step two - Become an industry expert. Read your trade newsletter, or if you work in a large sector you may have your own publication. If you don’t know what it is ask a co-worker, by doing so you will demonstrate your interest and currency in the workplace.

Step three - Subscribe to free email newsletters. Most news sources have free email newsletters, subscribe even if you don't have time to read them and scan them once a week to make sure that you haven't missed any important developments that could impact what you are working on.

Step four - Bookmark that rumour filled blog. Does your industry have a rumour filled blog, or forum? If so, it will provide you with the latest rumours circulating. Of course you can’t believe everything you read, but people in your office may be talking about the latest posts, especially if they hit close to home.

Step five - Scan other industry websites. Besides industry-centric blogs, find other websites that concern your profession and make sure that you surf them once in a while. They are a great way to come up with valuable ideas that your boss or clients will value.

Step six - Study competitors. Google them! Gather their annual reports. Subscribe to their publications. It’s a great way to have a leg up.

Step seven - Showcase your smarts daily. Never go to the office or step in front of a customer without having something smart to say about your industry that week. Consider your opinion about one or two news items before you enter any meeting.

Knowledge is power, go out there and showcase it.

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Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP3
Written by Jenny Garrett, OBE - Award Winning Career Coach & Leadership Trainer
Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP3

Jenny Garrett is the award winning coach and founder of Reflexion Associates and Rocking Ur Teens. She’s also the author of Rocking Your Role, a how-to guide to success for female breadwinners, Creator of the online coaching programme, the Happenista Project

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