4 secrets to having all the self-belief you'll ever need

It may be controversial to say this, but I really believe that right now you have all the self-belief you'll ever need.

Self-belief is described as having confidence in your own abilities and judgement. So you're probably thinking, how can she say I have all the self-belief I ever need when I still doubt myself at work, as a parent or in relationships?

The reason I believe this is because we're all born with the same levels of self-belief; you never see a baby needing therapy do you?

Then, as we go through life and experience negative situations, we get caught up in unhelpful thinking that hides our natural self-belief.

Rather than trying to boost your self-belief with affirmations or positive thinking, I suggest we just need to get back in touch with that hidden confidence and self-worth.

What can I do when I doubt myself?

Having self-doubts and questioning yourself is completely normal and all of us feel it sometimes. Perhaps you recognise yourself in some of these statements?

  • Can I really do this?
  • What will people say if I do or don't do this?
  • Other people are better/cleverer/thinner than me.
  • I don't want to start it if I'm going to fail.
  • People like me don't get success.

If you hear your inner critical voice saying similar negative things or questioning your abilities then remember:

1. The words you're hearing and the feelings they give you are just thoughts. They're very unlikely to be true and you don't have to engage with them or act on them.
2. You aren't broken; you don't need to be fixed.
3. The voice you hear isn't your true voice, they're just thoughts you can't control, so don't give them power.
4. Your inner critical voice doesn't define you and shouldn't be used to label you such as; I'm shy, I'm stupid or I'm not good enough.

As we get less caught up in our unhelpful thinking, we get more in touch with our self-belief and start to be braver, more resilient and to accept ourselves as we truly are.

Then we realise we've got all the self-belief we ever need.

That's a mindset I'd love to have... what about you?

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