10 considerations to broaden your career opportunities

Let’s explode the myths around changing career direction!


It’s very rarely, purely a decision that is as a result of mid-late life crisis, or as what might be considered a whim, impulsion or dream. It's more likely to have been an evolving thought or interest that you have had for some time. A thought that meanders across your mind from time to time. And let’s be honest, this is often how our greatest dream is cultivated, slowly over time.

It’s an extremely natural process to evolve and want to change as we develop a different outlook on life.

Our experience of life offers maturity in later years that can ground us into a knowing with confidence that as our thoughts change, we can be powerful influencers of our own learning and offer others the benefit of our thoughts and experiences.

Our experience builds upon our qualifications and learning that takes place in our earlier career path, expectations and are often more diverse as thoughts and ambitions are more flexible, as thoughts and options around family remain fluid.

Our self-satisfaction has different motivation factors at different times and for different reasons, practical, economic, social, emotional, physical, psychological, geographical and spiritual.

Embracing these thoughts as being a massively important part of the human process and direction is a great starting point in taking a different career journey. All human change is a creative process, which starts with a thought or idea about adapting to a certain lifestyle. As we build and respond to the thoughts and changes we create and shape a different outlook.

Your decision to change direction could have been as a result of several thoughts over the years, or a decision that has been brought about by redundancy. Whatever the circumstances - your way, your journey is unique and can evolve into the most joyfully satisfying opportunities.

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Our thoughts, actions and decisions are rarely just a whimsical part of us; they are by nature a steer that connects us to our very core and purpose in life.

Diversification is a great opportunity to create work life balance and a lifestyle that could include all our career and life choice preferences and use our talents, experience and capabilities in a different way, to the full.

The facts and figures around redundancy for the majority of people are that they often find a more satisfactory direction post redundancy, at whatever end of the career path they might be.

Giving thought and time to shaping our career direction and balancing career with our lifestyle, has to be one of the most under thought about areas of our lives.

10 considerations when adapting our career or direction

1. How happy are you on a daily basis in your current role, is each day filled with satisfaction and fulfilment, or are there more of the less satisfying days? (Be realistic and honest).

2. What are your options for staying within the same organisation on different terms? You can explore and discuss the what if’s around part-time, flexible or condensed working hours, job share, a career break, relocation or sabbatical.

Your organisation will have policies that refer to various options available. Short-term contracts, project based work or temporary cover, can add a new dimension to your existing skills and give your CV a real boost in a direction you might want to consider later, on a more permanent basis.

3. What finances are needed to support your journey, courses, driving lessons or other professional development, marketing or memberships?

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4. Information gathering and researching widely into whatever steps and direction you want to take. If you choose a course of study what is the success rate of student numbers into jobs? Is the course going to validate the experience you have already gained? Is it a portable and a nationally or internationally recognised qualification?

5. Where would you consider moving or traveling too, would you want to travel within the job role, if so, how much are you prepared to travel? (regionally, locally or nationally).

6. Would you relocate? If so, would this be permanent, or could you consider finding a base for during the week?

7. Could you rent out your current home?

8. Is there an urgency about your decision because of certain requirements or commitments in your life or your family life?

9. All the above choices will have very different personal variations to be considered. There are lots of creative options to consider within each challenge. Devote your thoughts to thinking outside of your immediate circumstances, explore variations and options, your dreams and happiness are all worth it. Before moving forward make certain that the foundational reason for your choice is to improve your life and work life balance.

10. Talk to a few recruitment agencies about the type of work you are considering in that location and discuss your thoughts with other people who have made career changes. This relationship should never be underestimated.

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How can life coaching help and support my decision

Career coaching for transitioning or career change can be life changing. Because career change and transition are an individual and unique personal journey.

A period of self-exploration in life coaching around your various options is a valuable investment for your future.

Life coaching sessions can support this transition and can ensure that you fully explore those challenges and opportunities that are unique to you and your circumstances.

Your relationship to your work, your career and vocation is as individual as you.

Finding your fit to work and lifestyle is a journey that can be supported with exploration and reflection, using both the challenges and successes of your past career to steer a way through your perceptions, choices, options and opportunities.

To enable you to shape your skills, knowledge and experience and feel confident in your plan.

Spending time on self-learning and development is always challenging, however the rewards can be felt in all areas of life, not least our relationships. Because it is one of the most valuable investments you can make for your future, giving time and thought to your career it will hold great personal rewards, not least personal fulfilment and increased happiness.

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Written by Hazel Rowell-Peverley, Life Coach HR Consultancy Mentor Supervision and Mediator
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