Tracy Clark - Career and Elite Mindset Coach

Tracy Clark - Career and Elite Mindset Coach

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Empowering Senior Executives Through Transitions to Achieve Incredible Results

- Are you at a crossroads in your professional life, you are feeling frustrated and in need of significant change, but you don't know what that change is?

- Do you feel like you are not fulfilling your potential in your job and that you want to achieve more and reach a higher level?

- Do you simply feel like you want more? You want to achieve more, you want to discover your purpose in life and you want to have an impact on this world?

I work with motivated senior executives who are currently at a crossroads and making a transition in their career; they are seeking change and growth.  They want to reconnect to what is important to them, gain clarity on what they want to achieve and build confidence and courage to embrace the transition with gusto! They want to step into their power and have an impact.

They want to find a new approach to ensure they have a fulfilling career and a meaningful life which will enable them to grow, shine and feel fulfilled.

I think of the coaching journey as if it is an exciting treasure hunt where you will gather gems of clarity, confidence and – most importantly – you will find your own life compass.  I tailor the journey to your needs, so you discover empowering tools and discover a proven system of success and fulfillment; this will expand your thinking to embrace greater possibilities and make you feel in control of your journey. You will gather life treasures that will enable you to reach the dream prize you are seeking: a new job, a new career, your own successful business and a life of freedom and fulfilment.

Does that sound exciting?

If so, let me tell you more about some of the gems you might find along the way to your dream destination:

Clarity, direction, confidence, resilience, perseverance, goal setting, greater emotional intelligence, personal awareness and expanded thinking. All of these will enable you to achieve and think into results!

Imagine waking up each day and going to work with a spring in your step, excited about what you are doing.  You feel so confident and powerful, interacting with your colleagues and clients skillfully.  You are breaking through the terror barriers in your mind, smashing your targets and achieving incredible results.  New unexpected opportunities are opening up and life has never been better.  You are inspired and your energy levels are sky-rocketing, which means you have time for your family and your partner.  Doesn’t that feel amazing?!

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What Clients say:

"When I was in the process of looking for a leadership coach there were plenty of people to choose from; many of them had great credentials and certificates from very reputable schools, however the thing that set Tracy apart was her strong business acumen.

The fact that Tracy has extensive business experience and runs her own business outside of coaching has been hugely beneficial for me as a leader, but more importantly, it has been transformational for my organisation.

Her insight on all areas of business including, setting your vision, getting the best out of your teams and how to manage difficult situations/clients has most definitely made be a better and more confident leader.."

Simmi Woodwall, Chief Executive, The Honey Pot Children’s Charity

"I started coaching when I was at a stage where I knew I wanted to start a business, but I had almost no clarity as to what that looked like and I was growing ever more frustrated.

In what has professionally been one of my toughest years, my sessions with Tracy have been wonderful pockets of self-discovery, clarity and hope that have not only kept me afloat, but have helped keep me on track towards my goals of freedom and fulfillment, at a time when it would be very easy to abandon what is most important to me.

Tracy has a beautiful way of holding space as a warm, supportive cheerleader whilst very willing to challenge you on any thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back. A great listener and the perfect mirror. I know I have benefited greatly from Tracy’s real yet optimistic and kind approach. I grow more clear about who I am, what I am looking for and where I am going with every session.

I would absolutely recommend Tracy as a coach."

Emma Morrison, Managing Director

"I was keen to start my coaching journey as I wanted practical support within my work and personal life.

Tracy has made my coaching journey a brilliant one! She listens and adapts the sessions to suit me and different situations which occur and then focuses this around proactive solutions for them.

As a result of coaching I have been able to gain a greater understanding of my behaviour and personality which has helped me become more self aware. The Emotional intelligence and resilience report have been both fascinating and extremely useful! They map out key behaviours of your personality and then offer development suggestions to work on! I also find it a great insight into how my leadership skills can be strengthened.

In my sessions Tracy often lends me books to read or articles look at which really enhances my development not just in the sessions but out of them too!

I would highly recommend Tracy to others -in fact I already have! She makes the sessions very bespoke to the individual and gives me support and has hugely helped my confidence within my workplace as a manager and general life.

With a busy life there is something magical about have this space and time to focus and reflect on your ideas. Then translate these ideas into goals for the future! Tracy thank you for going above and beyond and also encouraging me to grow."

Rachel Lamb, Lead Stylist,

Why should you choose career transition coaching?

Coaching is a catalyst for change, growth and transformation.  Your current way of thinking is getting you the results you currently have.  To get new results you need a new approach, a system of success and a new way of thinking.

I work with dynamic individuals who strive for continuous personal development. and want to make a quantum leap in their career and their results. They seek coaching when they:

-        Feel frustrated, they know they need to make a change but they don't have clarity on what it is they want and what steps to take next

-        Are at a crossroads and transition in their careers and they want to reconnect to what is important to them and they want to develop an action plan for the future

-        Feel like they are not fulfilling their potential and really want to achieve more!

-        Want to build their confidence and courage to take a step into the unknown

-        Want to discover a system of success that will give them a life of success, fulfillment and happiness

When I work with clients,  I look at their specific goals, raising their awareness and empowering them to take action to achieve them! Of course, we are all different, so all my sessions are tailored to the individual My style is warm, enthusiastic, honest and direct.

So why work with me?

My clients describe my style as warm, positive, solution focused and empowering. I provide a safe environment for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, challenges and dreams and go outside your comfort zone to discover what else might be possible and to achieve the transformation you really desire.

My coaching is based on a time proven program that is guaranteed to deliver results and get you to achieve quantum leaps.

I have 20 years hands on business and leadership experience as well as being a highly qualified Career and Leadership coach and Proctor Gallagher consultant. Clients say that this experience and track record sets me apart.

I ensure that you create sustainable results and have truly adopted the proven system of success that you can keep applying to your life.

The combination of your commitment and my commitment to get you the changes that you want, will bring you transformational results.

I am a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and facilitate the clients through Thinking into Results Program which is widely acclaimed as the most powerful corporate and personal transformation program available.

I have an Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, an accreditation in Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in Management. I have also received the accreditation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF credential is the only globally recognised professional coaching credential and demonstrates my dedication to excellence in the coaching industry.

The gems I have found on this journey have been life changing and I look forward to sharing them with you.

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I am committed to empowering you to make the changes you want and achieve your goals.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this growth journey with you


Training, qualifications & experience

To complement my 20 years in business and as MD of a leading event company with extensive hands on leadership and managment experience, I have a diploma in Transformational coaching from a leading UK coaching company. I am committed to delivering exceptional service so I am always learning, studying and exploring new areas to support my clients to thrive.

I have in depth knowledge of the power of the mind and how we can elevate our thinking to transform results. Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale's work have had an incredible impact on me and as such I have become a Proctor Gallagher Consultant so I can facilitate and coaching my clients through their highly acclaimed programs.

I also have a CPD in Positive Psychology and an Accreditation in Emotional Intelligence. I have received the accreditation as a Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF)

I am also a mum to two wonderful teenagers and am happily re-married so my knowledge and experience goes wider than the board room. I look at your whole life with you to increase effectiveness in every area!

Areas I love to coach around include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • A proven system of Success and fulfillment
  • Elevating thinking - transforming mindsets to deliver results
  • Confidence, Awareness and Resilience
  • Personal Development
  • Effectiveness
  • Career Progression
  • Work/ Life Balance
  • Finding your true vocation
  • Leadership and Management
  • Effective and dynamic relationships
  • Motivation and empowerment


Other areas of coaching I deal with





Emotional Intelligence

Self Esteem and Confidence

Mindfulness and Awareness

Managing Change

Finding your true vocation

Effective and dynamic relationships at home at at work


Do call me for an initial complementary consultation and I can talk you through my great Thinking into Results program

We can discuss what suits your needs to as to whether the coaching is:

Face to Face or By Skype or FaceTime

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Further information

My clients describe my style as warm, positive, solution focused and encouraging. I provide a safe environment for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, challenges and dreams and go outside your comfort zone to discover what else might be possible and to achieve the transformation you really desire.

I am committed to working with you to deliver results and to empower you to live your life to the full and maximise your potential!

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