8 positive affirmations for success and self-confidence

When embarking on a journey to pursue a dream job or project, you may convince yourself that you lack the knowledge, time or resources to succeed. However, you can reach your greatest potential if you believe in yourself, and if your mindset allows you to keep moving forward with conviction. Maintaining self-belief is a critical part of your journey to success (whatever success means to you), and affirmations can be the key to unlocking your inner confidence.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are optimistic statements we can repeat daily (either aloud or in our heads) to help us evolve into the best version of ourselves. 

We can be ambitious with our affirmations, but they must be believable; they can help us break out of our comfort zones but they must feel within reach. If the optimistic statements feel too optimistic, they won’t help us. 

For example, if public speaking terrifies you, the affirmation “I am a confident public speaker” will fill you with doubt, not confidence. A more realistic and convincing affirmation would be, “I am growing in confidence every day.”

Affirmations can’t create instant success but they can help us find our inner strength. We’ll need this when, inevitably, obstacles show up. 

The affirmations below will help you cultivate confidence, motivation, and mental strength. Use only the affirmations that resonate with you and feel free to adjust words so the statements suit your situation more specifically.

Affirmations for success and self-confidence

1. I trust my unique path to success

Success means different things to different people. You mustn’t compare your vision, timeline and outcome to others. Accept that your life will look different to the people around you and that is not a bad thing.

2. I show up to work wholeheartedly each day

It is better to work well for 10 minutes than half-heartedly for an hour. Always aim to give the task at hand your best efforts. If you do this, you’ll always be able to look back at your creations with confidence and pride.

3. I am proud of myself; all my achievements are special

Celebrate your accomplishments! Small wins are still wins, in fact, they’re more important than the big wins as they’ll keep you motivated and inspired on the journey to success.

4. I have an inspiring mind and I bring my ideas into reality

Your unique outlook is valuable. You mustn’t try to think like anybody else – the world needs your perspective and ideas. If you want to feel satisfied with your work, create from a place of passion rather than striving to impress others.

5. I seek only my own approval and trust that the right people will support me

Your vision for the future doesn’t need to make sense to anybody else but you. Your loved ones don’t need to see what you’re seeing, they simply need to support you. You’re bursting with passion, ideas, and the desire to succeed. Only you can see the bigger picture. Trust what is meant for you and the people around you will respect your certainty.

6. I create opportunities for success every day

Some days you’ll have little energy to put into fulfilling your dreams and that’s OK. Take small steps and build momentum. Those gradual moves will result in small victories that boost your confidence, make you less fearful and increase your chances of overall success. Take those small steps and, over time, they’ll produce big results.

7. I trust that success will find me, I relinquish control and allow everything to unfold naturally

You can’t decide when you’ll experience success. The present moment is all you have control over. Let when and where be a mystery and focus on what you can do now. 

8. I accept that failure is part of my journey to success

Learn from the mistakes and hurdles that slow you down. They’re valuable parts of your journey as they show you what you need to do differently. Failure often lends itself to success if you choose to learn from it.

The affirmations above are not magic, they can’t change your reality, only you can do that. Start by shifting your focus from what you can’t do, to what you can do. Use affirmations to remind yourself of your strengths and when you feel clouded by doubt, know that every human has their weak spots, but that hasn’t stopped many from achieving great success. 

If you’re struggling with confidence and self-belief, a coach can give you a helping hand. Find support today.

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Written by Alessia Sutherberry
Alessia is a life coach, content creator and writer who cares deeply about making people feel good about themselves. She helps people understand where their self-limiting beliefs stem from so they can foster self-awareness and self-love.
Written by Alessia Sutherberry
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