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The way you spend your morning can have a huge effect on the rest of your day. When you read about successful people’s daily routines, the mornings often have similar elements, including some sort of meditative practice, exercise and a healthy breakfast.

morning routine

We thought we would go around the office here at Life Coach Directory to see what the team get up to before they get to the office…

Carl, SEO executive: “I get up, have a nice warm shower, get dressed for the day and then walk to the train station. I walk for fitness, to help me wake up and to avoid paying for public transport… I also get to see some great sunrises!

I usually grab a bite to eat for breakfast on my way in. This routine makes me feel awake and motivated ready for my day!”

Paul, Technical Advisor: “When I’m working I try to wake up between 7:00 and 7:30. If possible I try to get up before my daughters, but quite often it’s them waking us up! Once we’ve all got ready we take the girls down to breakfast, but I normally skip it as I’m generally not that hungry at that time.

I try to do 50 press ups each morning to get me motivated for the day, but I have to do them out of sight of the kids, otherwise they bundle me!”

Kim, Membership Services Executive: “I like to do a couple of household chores before I leave for work. Things like emptying the dishwasher, hanging out the washing etc. – very boring but it puts me in a good mood to start the day and also means I’m more likely to go to the gym after work because I won’t have to do it when I get back.“

Kat, Marketing Communications Team Leader: “I try to start my day with some sort of exercise, either cardio at the gym or strength training at home. This makes me feel immediately productive and happy that I don’t have to fit it in after work!

I avoid checking the news, emails or social media first thing and instead will listen to a podcast while getting ready (usually Tony Wrighton’s Zestology). I’ll then eat something nourishing like scrambled eggs or oats and fruit. When I get into work, I’ll have my one cup of green tea, before moving on to coffee later in the day!”

Sian, Membership Services Executive: “I like to get up as soon as my alarm goes off – I used to be a victim of snoozing for up to an hour, but since getting up straight away I feel so much better for it. Instead of snoozing, as soon as I get up I take my dog out for a 15 minute power walk around the block. The fresh air really wakes me up and I find the power walking gets me moving so that when I get home I am more motivated to get ready for work.

After showering and getting dressed I take 10 minutes to sit down and chill out with a bowl of cereal and catch up quickly on the news. By this time I am wide awake and motivated for the day!”

How do you start your day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Katherine
Kat is a Senior Writer for Life Coach Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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