Are you a serial worrier?

Find yourself unable to sleep as you are worrying, unable to concentrate because your anxious, on edge if things don’t go as planned, teary and emotional from anxiety or constantly receiving comments on how much you worry?

If your worry is growing into an all consuming monster and the above sounds like a perfect description of you then you need to nip your worry worting in the bud before it gets out of control. Ivillage have some fantastic tips on getting a handle on your worry and below is a selection of some practical and easy tips you can follow to set you on the road to relaxation.

-It may sound like a cliché but your first line of defence comes from living a healthy lifestyle as this will generally combat stress and anxiety and give you much needed motivation as well as physical and emotional strength. Never underestimate the importance of a healthy diet, a good nights sleep, regular exercise, me time and the great outdoors.

-Once you have started implementing more of the above you will be in a better position to bounce of potential worries that come your way. However, certain areas of your life such as money, work, love and friendship may send you to the tipping point of worry. Do some troubleshooting and have a little think about what would you do if something occurred in any of those areas. Develop a mental strategy for potentially worrying issues.

-A lot of the things that we worry about are in fact not a problem. Don’t fret about trivial things such as ‘does my boss hate me and think I’m incompetent’. Ask yourself if it’s a real problem? Then confirm your information.

Is this really your problem? It is human nature to feel sympathy for your friend who just lost her job or for your partner who just failed an exam , but no one is expecting you to turn into a recruitment consultant and find your friend a new job or resit your boyfriends failed test.

-Be proactive, all the time you are spending sitting and worrying about something could have been used to actually solve the problem. Ask yourself what can I do? Think back to times when you have solved something similar, think of an outcome you would like and get solving.

– Lastly, once you have laid down a plan of action <strong>be sure that you are not still worrying as this is the lease productive thing you could do. Try to get out of the habit of slipping into worrying about something without really thinking.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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