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When Carla came to me and explained her frustration at not getting anywhere in her work. She says that she has been in the same position in the same company for 13 years and knows that she has great capacity to contribute more to her company. She wants to know how to proceed in order to be promoted. First we go through what she really wants and why. Carla wants to become the head of her department instead of being the one that serves all of her team members. Sometimes she performed tasks that had nothing to do with her responsibilities. She had become a helper. It was too easy for her coworkers to turn to her when problems occurred. Carla had accustomed them to always be there and help them solve problems.

Carla has to work out a plan. A plan that explains in detail how the department would look like with her as the boss. She listed the obstacles that could arise along the way and how she would overcome them.

Carla worked out and followed her plan together with me, her executive coach. Carla made an appointment with the MD of the company. After a couple of meetings with the MD she could leave her current work position as she was offered to become the head of the service department that gave her far more responsibility, better pay off, a challenging and much more interesting job that she ever could have dreamed of.

You can make it!

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