Why now is the best time to invest in yourself

The world is changing. Then again, it always does, we just don’t normally stand still long enough to notice. The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all, and it can feel daunting not quite knowing what is out the other side. It makes it all the more concentrated that we are all going through this together. Even so, we will be having quite different experiences. What that means is that the way we approach life going forward will also be different. That’s why now is the precise time that we need to look after ourselves and get ourselves in the best mental shape of our lives. So how can we do that? 


Make the most of now

Whatever your situation, stand back a moment and look at where you are. Begin with the environment around you. Is there anything you can change that will improve your enjoyment of the space? Take a proper look. The lighting. The colours. The smell. The clutter. The pile of papers you meant to look through months ago. The dust under the bed. 

As you look, imagine how you’ll feel if just one or two of those elements changed for the better. Use your instinct to tell you what is most important and your logic to let you know what is the most feasible to change. Choose at least one element that you can do something about this week and do it. If you need more resources for any of the others make a plan of how you are going to make it happen when the time is right. This isn’t about looking for flaws, it's about being aware of where you are and understanding that you have the power to change that. 

Tackle what has been holding you back

Calmly and genuinely, take a moment to think. About feelings you might have that you don’t need. Ideas about yourself that serve no other purpose than to back up an outdated perception of yourself you don’t even want. Any guilt you have lying around in the back of your mind. Fears or phobias that don’t fit with who you want to be. The dreams you put on hold or never allowed yourself to have. Sadness or hurt that’s been hard to let go of. All of these things make up our mental backdrop. They will have informed decisions that you have made. Don’t get me wrong, they will have all served a purpose in their own way. No need to beat yourself up about it, just simply ask the question; what do I want to drive me going forward? What do I want to be actively part of my mental landscape? 

It genuinely doesn’t matter how long the cobwebs have been hanging around in an unlit corner: now the light is on and you can see them, it is time to sweep them away. 

The future you

This is a bit of a misnomer because in fact, you already are the future you. Even if the version of you that you hold in your mind is thinner, happier, wealthier - it is still you. It is the 'you' of today that will start the ball rolling and become your future self. Situations change, feelings change, our outlook changes, but you are the constant. Because you are so much more than you think you are. I’m constantly surprised when working with clients how constantly surprised they are with their ability to change. Change, when it happens, is easy - trying to keep ourselves in a place we don’t want to be and feel OK about it - that’s really hard. However, you have the potential, you are the potential, you may just need a helping hand to bring it out. Just like we all do. 

If you are looking out of the window wondering what’s next, be bold. Take a stand. It’s time you let yourself be who you really want to be. Now.

If you want to feel more in control of your future and take action to enable change then it may be worth talking to a life coach. An experienced coach can guide you through similar principles outlined above and support the decision making process. Search Life Coach Directory to access our full database of professional life coaches.

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Written by Rachel Coffey, Coaching - Life Coach, Career Coach, Voice Coach MA
London SW6 & W1D

One of Happiful magazine’s regular panel of experts, Rachel is a leading life coach, voice coach (MA) and business coach . Using researched, innovative and person centred techniques, she helps her clients create real and lasting change in a short space of time. Personal development. Career coaching. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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