Coaching A-Z

Coaching A-Z

From coaching for ADHD, confidence and burnout, to career support and staff coaching, there are many reasons to work with a coach. Browse our Coaching A-Z to learn more about the ways a coach can support you.

Are you looking for help? Select from the areas below or browse the full list to learn more about each topic and the various avenues for support.
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ADHD coaching can help those with ADHD feel less overwhelmed, improve organisational skills, and work towards goals in a supported way. Read more


Anxiety will impact all of us throughout our lives. While, for many, it’s a fleeting feeling that comes in moments of high pressure or stress, for others, anxiety can impact... Read more


Chronic workplace stress can lead to burnout, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and even resentful. Here we explore what burnout is, how it can affect you and how burnout c... Read more


Business coaching is designed to help your business thrive. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small start-up or a global corporation, working with a business coach can help y... Read more


The aim of career coaching is to help you understand what you want from your work life, the skills you need and how you can develop. A career coach can support you in making these... Read more


Confidence coaching is all about helping you believe in yourself so you can move past fear and fulfil your true potential. Here we'll look at confidence in more detail and how a co... Read more

Couples coaching

Couples coaching can help you set goals as a couple, address any concerns that may be holding you back and improve your relationship, day-to-day. Here we take a closer look at coac... Read more

Creative coaching

Creative coaching (also known as creativity coaching) is a form of coaching that helps people develop their creative skills and work through any barriers holding them back. On this... Read more


Many of us will feel down from time to time. It’s a normal part of life and a part of what makes us human. But, for some, feeling down can turn into something more. It can le... Read more


All of us are uniquely different, and this includes the way we think, learn and see the world. Dyslexia is a learning difference that can impact our education, career and everyday... Read more

Empowerment coaching

Empowerment coaching focuses on helping people grow in confidence, self-esteem, autonomy and a sense of inner strength. It can also support people who are or feel disempowered by s... Read more


Energy is a power that fuels life, actions, strength and vitality. Energy is the force driving our motions and reactions. It moves the earth, keeps our feet on the ground, heats ou... Read more

Executive coaching

By providing a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership, executive coaching benefits both individuals and organisations by improving performance through skill develo... Read more


Every family has its problems, whether it's not knowing how to deal with difficult teenage behaviour, or trying to cope with betrayal or a separation. Family coaching sessions are... Read more


How are your finances looking right now? Some will be able to answer this without hesitation, others may shrug their shoulders, unsure. While a lot of us may dismiss the idea that... Read more

Freelance coaching

Whether you’re looking to start a new freelance business or you’ve been freelancing for years, we can all do with support from time to time. Here we explore how a coach... Read more


Making and keeping friendships isn’t always easy. A friendship coach can help you assess where you are now with your existing friendships, where you want to be, and how to ge... Read more

Grief coaching

Coping with loss is, sadly, something all of us will likely experience at some point in our lives. Grief coaching helps people understand the impact of their loss and set goals to... Read more

Happiness coaching

Being happy is something many of us aim for, but sometimes truly knowing what makes us happy is difficult. This is where happiness coaching can support, helping you understand what... Read more

Health coaching

Living a healthier, happier life is something we would all like to achieve. We explain more about how working with a health coach can help you to improve your overall health and we... Read more


Hobbies can add a sense of fulfilment and joy to your life. They can bring people together, help you discover new things about yourself, develop new skills and develop as a person.... Read more


The word leadership carries a great deal of weight, but what (or who) do you think of when you hear the word leadership? Do you see a leader within politics? A manager at work? Do... Read more

Lifestyle coaching

Lifestyle coaching, or lifestyle design, is a collaborative approach in which the coach works with the client to help them design and build strategies in order to achieve their goa... Read more


If you're feeling lost in your career and want practical guidance, you may benefit from working with a mentor. Read more


Have you ever felt a little… lost? When we lack motivation, everything can feel difficult. Here, we’ll delve deeper into the idea of motivation, understanding where it... Read more


Becoming a parent is one of life’s biggest challenges. It can be joyful and fulfilling, but can also be overwhelming and exhausting. As a new or experienced parent, it’... Read more

Personal development

Personal development focuses on increasing your self-awareness, and looking at life goals, personal challenges and long-standing aspirations. Personal development coaching aims to... Read more

Redundancy coaching

Being made redundant or facing redundancy can be an extremely difficult time. Not knowing what the future holds following the end of your current employment is a worrying prospect,... Read more


Relationship coaching can help address problems in a range of relationships, including our relationships with romantic partners, friends and work colleagues. Here, we explain more... Read more


On average, in the UK we work for 3,507 days in our lifetime. It’s no surprise then that, after all that work, retirement can feel like a much-welcome rest.  Understand... Read more


Having a healthy sense of self-esteem means you have a positive opinion of yourself and essentially, like who you are. This may sound like a simple thing, but many of us struggle w... Read more

Spiritual coaching

The premise behind most models of spirituality is that we are all here for a reason. Uncovering this reason and living according to our desires is something many people feel leads... Read more

Sports coaching

Through expert tutoring, constructive criticism, motivation and on-hand support, sports coaches can help individuals focus their minds, hone their bodies and learn their discipline... Read more

Staff coaching

Employees are at the heart of any business. Whether you have one employee or 100, getting them on the same page, connected to the business values and dedicated to a shared goal sho... Read more


Feeling stressed is something we all experience from time to time. For some of us, however, it’s a recurring problem that can impact our health and well-being. There are lots... Read more

Success coaching

Coaching for success (also known as ‘success coaching’) is a form of coaching that specifically targets achieving personal or professional goals that will improve the p... Read more


Volunteering is the act of donating your time and energy to do something for a good cause; something that aims to benefit the lives of others, or the environment. Whilst volunteer... Read more

Wellness coaching

What does it mean to be truly well? Taking a holistic approach to health, wellness incorporates mental, physical and emotional well-being. Here we explore the role wellness coachin... Read more

Work/life balance

Having a good work/life balance gives us time to de-stress, build meaningful relationships, make memories and, most importantly, relax. Here we look at what work/life balance reall... Read more

Youth coaching

Youth coaching is designed to encourage personal development in young people while providing guidance for their future. Read more