Who's your biggest fan?

I just went through my old sketches and drawings. There are only a few from the 80’s and 90’s but more so from 2006 onwards when I started to tune into myself and allow myself to connect to my flows, especially my passion for the creative world.

Some of us find it harder than others to allow themselves to do what they truly want to become. Not surprisingly. A lot depends on what influences we have been around us growing up and throughout school, societal expectation plays a role too as does family values and beliefs among others. Other times it is our fears that hold us back, lack of belief in oneself, self- doubt or resistance but also not being encouraged to listen to our inner voice when making career and life decisions. When we don’t know how important our inner voice (inner compass/gut feeling/or whatever you call it) is for our happiness factor and living a life in our flow we can get side tracked into compromising our true and unique dreams and aspirations.

Who’s on your team?

It takes courage to do your thing in any case (we don’t live in a bubble) so any help on the way is greatly welcome. The late Patrick Swayze once said in an interview how his mother's encouragement and belief in him kept him going for his dream. It is important to find a team around you that supports you and encourages you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. We might not all have families who support us but that does not mean we cannot find support and encouragement elsewhere.

Accept encouragement

We all need people, especially in the beginning of our journey to believe in us, however, we also need to recognize and accept the encouragement which can also be a challenge. I have had several important people at pivotal moments in my life who have encouraged and believed in me to push myself to the next level. Applying for my teenage dream of doing a foundation in art and design was one of those times. A dear creative friend managed to see some of my illustrated characters and thought they were great… and off I went to apply and got in.

Your biggest fan

Cultivating self-belief is therefore so important. Tony Robbins says the first person to believe in you should be you. I think there definitely is truth in that. We cannot let others determine for us what we can or can’t do. This is where connecting to your inner wisdom is so important and knowing yourself comes to play. Understanding what you are great at and what your weaknesses are. You already have all the information inside you to know what it is you are meant to do. It is a matter of quieting down and listening or allowing yourself to listen and sift through the noise of the world and the opinions of others and go out there and explore it. You should be your biggest fan. We cannot always rely on others to big us up. We need to cultivate the unfaltering self-belief that we can do things if we put our head and heart into it and will not let ourselves down.

Who’s opinion matters?

We can’t do everything alone, however so once you have found your answers within, you can seek the support of others. We are pretty good at coming up with the pitfalls ourselves so really need constructive feedback and encouragement on our journey. We therefore, need to be clear on who we do let in to support us, especially in those vulnerable starting moments when we are still unsure if this is the way forward for us. At such times of change we can also feel more vulnerable and have our confidence rocked easier. It is therefore really important to steer away from negative people, especially those who have not achieved their personal goals or who have lost faith in their own dreams.

It is hard enough to follow your dreams so build a supportive team around you. I once spoke to a successful entrepreneur who told me she only shares her business goals and dreams with a very select few until things came to fruition. Wisely so I think. Many times when we lack confidence or feel unsure we can attract exactly what we don’t want more of in our lives – negative comments - and this will only add to the sense of low security in ourselves in that moment. For me setting up a creative meetup that ran a year before I had even dreamt of actually going for my foundation in art and design was the solution. Here I was surrounded by like-minded creative minds discussing art, our works and getting constructive feedback.

So, set up your own team or review who is on your team at the moment. Who else do you want on your team? What are the criteria’s these members have had to pass to get on your team? Who is a specialist in the field you are looking into? And who has done it successfully before you?

Autumn greetings to you with love,

Petra xx

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Written by Petra Tourunen, Career Purpose Coach - TheFlowStyler Career Coaching
Richmond TW9 & London SE1

Petra Tourunen is a career & confidence coach - the flow styler. She specialises in empowering lawyers to find their career, passion & purpose back. Lawyers who are 'this close' to quitting their job & helps them to find & follow their flow, find back their direction, work/life balance & create a successful career around their potential & passion.

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