What's your why in life?

Everyone has a reason for getting up. Do you know your why? Nobody does something without a reason. Life is spurred on by positive thoughts and actions. Motivation is made of this. Aspirations need a charge!

Why may be:

  • Get up and go to work you enjoy.
  • To get ahead as an entrepreneur.
  • To look after your children.
  • To practice your health regime be it walking, Yoga or a swim.
  • To make meals for the family.
  • To look after your animals whether you have a small holding or a small dog.

In discovering your reason you will find greater impetus to get up and go!

So, find your why now.

How to find your why:

Sit and totally relax somewhere comfortable or lie on the floor if that appeals. Go round your body being aware of each part.

1. hands
2. feet
3. arms
4. legs
5. stomach
6. spine
7. shoulders
8. head

Bring relaxation to every part and feel the whole body responding.

Go into a meditative space and feel your brain feeling softer beyond all anxiety and stress.

As you sit in this state notice what comes through.

Do you have?

  • An image.
  • Words.
  • A shape.
  • A colour.
  • Anything else.

You may be surprised to discover new things coming through which inform you.

After the session which may last for up to twenty minutes, make notes of what happened recording facts, feelings and insights from it all.

In this way, you’ll find your passion and what motivates you and calls to you to follow.

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