What has moving house got to do with meeting the right one?

Next week Jonam and I are moving to a bigger house. We are super excited and looking forward to our new adventure.


Truth be told, I was really on the fence about the new house. It’s so much bigger than our current place. I was afraid it wasn’t right, I had made up stories in my head of why we shouldn’t move. It’s too big. It’s going to be more expensive. It’s a big change! We don’t have time to move.

It wasn’t until Jonam said “It’s perfect for us. It’s the right size as we know what we will use each of the rooms for. It has a lovely garden for Darcy. We’ve also worked hard and we deserve this.”

That moment I realised he was right! (Yes, that hurt for me to admit that – haha!)

You see, in our new place we are both going to have new office spaces, space to entertain our friends and rooms for them to stay over, Darcy will have a garden to enjoy and plenty of space to explore around the house (which could also potentially mean we could get another puppy! Don’t tell Jonam just yet 😉).

There is so much more possibility in the new house and we have outgrown our old home. It was the fear of leaving the comfort zone and what felt familiar. It didn’t mean that the old house was right for us though and the new house wasn’t.

How does this relate to dating?

Sometimes what is right for us can feel a little scary and it becomes easier for us to carry on dating our “normal type”.

The problem is what may have been good in the past, you may have outgrown now!

But how do you know what is best for you now?

It's noticing the fear popping up and calling it out. It's noticing your limiting beliefs as they form.

If you are unconsciously telling yourself that you cannot meet the right one or that you are not worthy of being loved then you might be missing out on the relationship that you really do want.

It's creating a healthy relationship from having a healthy relationship with yourself.

Another question I get asked a lot is "who is compatible with me?" as meeting someone who is compatible with you is the difference between a long-term relationship and a short-term relationship. When you are compatible you have the room to grow as an individual and as a couple.

This is exactly what we go through in The Desired Woman Membership.

Every week you learn something new around meeting the right one, you also join live Q&A sessions every week and you have access to a forum so you can ask any questions you have as well as enjoying a supportive community.

The first seven days are free. This membership is purely for single women who are ready to meet the right one for a long term relationship. 

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