What exactly are your personal responsibilities? 

Each of us has unique responsibilities, primarily centred around meeting our own needs. It involves understanding oneself, including talents, tendencies, beliefs, and values, to navigate life in a way that fulfils those needs. 


Your expectations will arise from this mix of your life experiences and tendencies. This is why you are here, why you exist and what your role is in life. To find and create your self and the best version at any particular point, life stages, milestones, learning, development, improvements. 

In reality, no one can solve another person's problems, but assistance is possible. Understanding someone fully requires open communication, and sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences and desires. Relationships, in all forms, aim to provide mutual benefits - understanding, acceptance, appreciation, care, and respect - fulfilling the needs of both parties.

Personal development, for both individuals, involves self-exploration, often with professional or online resources. It's about understanding past influences, exploring future opportunities, and deciding on personal growth paths. Relationships require ongoing effort to adapt to change, whether growing stronger or outgrowing each other.

People change primarily to meet their own needs. Even with care and good intentions, relationships may not work out as expected. Ideal relationships don't happen by chance; they require effort, communication, and mutual understanding.

You can't make someone fit your expectations. Knowing your needs is crucial, and others can offer feedback, though it's filtered through their perspectives. The purpose of relationships is mutual benefit, and effective communication is essential, recognising differences in perspectives.

Life involves consistent change and growth. Managing and monitoring these changes within relationships is a shared responsibility. Expecting others to change for your needs may work temporarily, but individuals will always revert to meeting their own needs first.

You can't make someone else happy or solve their problems, and vice versa. Relationships should be built carefully, considerately, and consistently, navigating life stages and changing needs. Life is about continual learning, growth, and self-actualisation - becoming who you're meant to be.

In all relationships, authenticity is vital. Learn to know and love yourself, communicate your needs, and encourage others to do the same. Opinions about what you "should" do are subjective; the key is aligning choices with your needs. Embrace differences in tendencies, communication styles, and outlooks, as they enrich relationships.

Change the word, change the meaning - this applies not only to relationships with other people but also with yourself!  Choose your words carefully, each one has a meaning for you and for other people and that can change both your and their perception of you, your outlook, behaviours, choices and expectations. 

Coaching can help in self-exploration, helping you understand your natural tendencies and resources. Life is a constant flux of growth and change, and managing these changes is essential for a future you're content with.

In meeting your own needs - be that basic ones from survival and security, to purpose and belonging, to making a difference or your individual lifestyle and career, family and friends, you will be taking responsibility for yourself - and that is your only job really.  To make your life the one you want, to accept and like the person you are and keep growing.  To care and support others as they care for and support you too. 

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Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ
Written by Julie Crowley, MBACP | Personal Development Coach | Registered Counsellor
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ

Julie provides Mindset Coaching (along with NLP and Hypnosis options) to help you Change your mind, Change your life. Coaching helps you to utilise your natural talents and tendencies to achieve success, find options and prepare for opportunities, create more with enhanced relationships and clear communication, working with the un/conscious mind.

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