The most effective way to meet the right one - guaranteed

Most people feel frustrated with dating because they lack clarity on how they can meet the right one.


This is why I love to simplify it into something that's easy for my clients to implement and also highly effective so they don't just get dates with people who are aligned with them, they also get to a place where they can enjoy that relationship and are clear on how to ensure that relationship remains healthy and grows with their partner.

And guess what!? Most of my clients meet someone in six months or less. In fact one of my clients met the one in just three weeks. Another got two fantastic dates within just two days and this is exactly the process that I am going to share with you because quite simply - it works. 

1. Identity

This influences the way we do everything in life and also the role that we play in all of our relationships. So this can affect the type of people you attract and also what you will accept in a relationship too.

2. Heal

Triggers are often the things that damage a relationship and it's our responsibility to heal them. Love doesn't allow these triggers to dissolve, they cause a shield to stop giving and receiving love. When we heal we improve our capacity to love more and to feel more loved.

3. Compatibility

This is the difference between a long term relationship and a short term relationship. Going through our compatibility matrix will ensure that you are entering a relationship with someone you can grow with because healthy relationships allow us to grow and evolve as an individual and as a couple.

4. Date

Know where to date and how to date where you feel confident in your ability to connect and read people. Dating is like a fun interviewing process to see if this person meets your standards for what you desire in your life.

5. Trust

We support our clients to profile someone within six minutes or less and to also read body language to the point they can see the truth better than a polygraph machine. We can only fully trust when we have transparency of the truth. This allows our clients to know that they are allowing the right ones into their life verses the wrong ones.

6. Build

Do you know what a healthy relationship is? Or how to build one? No? Well how can you feel confident if you are in a relationship that's healthy or not? This is why we support our clients to know how to build a healthy relationship.

These are the exact principles that we take our clients through on our six month program to meet the one.

Because this is the most effective approach we have used to date, we are bringing in a guarantee! Guarantee: Meet the one within six months, or we will carry on working with you until you do.

To apply for one of the 20 spots available, visit our website.  

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