The journey of 'I' in life coaching

Indeed, this self-development course I went on was a journey, a mixture of anxiety, discomfort, acceptance, empathy, and connection. As a life coach, I recognise that the core of personal growth revolves around emotions. These are potent forces that shape our reactions and guide our interactions. Our experiences and thoughts are the catalysts for these emotions, and they can sometimes burn like wildfire. They determine how we respond to situations and people, and how we perceive our world. At times, these emotions have felt overwhelming, even frightening, yet it’s the 'I' that decides whether to express or suppress them.


Identifying my personal development needs

Reflecting upon the feedback received, I recognise the need to delve deeper into my own experiences and thoughts, to engage more with the 'I' perspective. There were instances where I evaded emotions, focusing more on external factors than my own inner journey.

This tendency to avoid is rooted in fear, in the discomfort of confronting intense emotions. A salient example is my reaction during the sound tray intervention when discussing Spiderman. I envisioned myself as the hero of my own story, yet even heroes experience moments of vulnerability and sadness. Recognising this need to focus more on 'I', acknowledging and expressing my feelings as they arise, is a critical step in my growth as a life coach.

Determining personal development needs and goals

Safety is fundamental in this journey. I’ve always thought of safety as an animalistic concern, yet I realise now that it’s equally crucial for emotional exploration. My thinking patterns have often led me to fear emotions, more than anything else. As a life coach, I see the importance of acknowledging these feelings, of allowing them to express themselves freely and authentically, outside the drama triangle. Feeling safe enough to do this involves creating the right conditions, ones that can only grow naturally with time and space.

Constructing a personal development plan

My personal development plan focuses on following the anxiety, on identifying and understanding the emotions that are holding me back from being my true self. This journey involves engaging with my emotions and learning from them to live more authentically. It’s not about gaining strength but becoming more self-aware and free. It also means widening my perspective through reading, practising coaching skills, learning from experiences, and connecting with diverse individuals.

The goal is not just to know, but to dare to be authentically 'I'.

Explaining the importance of continued self-development for life coaches

Self-development is akin to strengthening our emotional intelligence. As life coaches, it’s crucial to recognise and understand our own emotions, triggers, and responses, so we can provide a safe space for our clients to explore their own feelings and experiences.

A life coach dedicated to self-development fosters an internal resilience that allows for more compassionate and effective coaching. The creation of a fully functioning space enables the client to grow into their authentic self. It’s not just about reaching a goal, but also about embarking on a journey. That journey, I believe, is the pursuit of the authentic 'I'.

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Weston-super-Mare, BS22
Written by Frank Holley, Online & In-Person Life Coach
Weston-super-Mare, BS22

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