Overcoming uncertainty when leaving your corporate job

Leaving a corporate job could be like being on a boat leaving a familiar shoreline. We might spend the first few moments on our journey reflecting on the view, what we are leaving, recalling memories, but after a while, our attention turns to where we are heading. We turn from our reflections and are curious as to where our boat is now heading. Feeling the breeze on our face we feel anticipation, uncertainty, excitement, doubt, but these are all natural in the human experience. We have faith that the boat will take us there and after a while the securities that the old shoreline provided are less and less forefront in our minds. The journey has begun.


Please contact me to explore the change you are planning. There are so many limiting beliefs that hold us back from the change we know we should make. 

Ask yourself a few vital quastions

Are you personally ready or do you need someone else's permission to change? In other words, who else is in your boat, who else could be there with you as you explore new lands?

Do you know the captain of your boat? Do you trust them? Maybe the captain is you, if so, are you equipped to be on the bridge and take the wheel at times of rough sea?

Do you have the money, if not how much do you think you need? Will the boat have a cash machine or will you need to bring a wad of money with you?

Have you settled your affairs in the land you are leaving?

Can you bring with you some items of value from the land you've known such as useful contacts, and valuable knowledge, or are you sailing away to a land where you will need to explore and find your new treasure applicable to your new life?

I've found that in order to even leave the harbour, many people need reassurance that they can board the boat.

Are you ready personally? Are YOU ready? Do you believe? 

Are you ready relationally? Are their doubters and encouragers and what will you partner, parents, friends make of it all? Are they waving you off or giving you a promise to keep in touch?

Are you ready financially? How much do you need foe the fare and the accommodation? How much do you need, how much have you got and what's the gap? Be realistic but here's the thing... We can only see what we can see from where we are now. We can't imagine all the new opportunities that will emerge once we've made the move. 

Are you ready spiritually? Do you know your place in the grand scheme of things? Have you mapped the oceans and charted the stars that help you to navigate your journey or are you stumbling in blind faith?

Start your journey

You can be equipped for the journey by getting in touch with me, David, on 01206 803738 or 07841 437951 or email me on david@mentoringforlife.co.uk. Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

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Colchester CO3 & Manningtree CO11
Written by David Cotterill, David Cotterill Dip HypPsych MAC NLP 3PGC Coach & Mentor
Colchester CO3 & Manningtree CO11

David Cotterill is a change coach specialising in job transition from corporate to independence., with over 15 years personal coaching and mentoring experience. David runs specific career change programmes regularly on a one to one basis online or face to face. Contact through www.mentoringforlife.co.uk

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