How to treat your job search like finding a hot date

An unfulfilling job can often be like being in an unfulfilling relationship. The sense of incompatibility, having different priorities and the feeling that something better must be out there, your true self are all too common.

The problem is that many people use the wrong tactics when searching for a job that will bring out the best in them. Here are three traps that people fall into:

Getting drawn in by the external features

You look through the job board, find a job that you can do with your eyes shut and the salary is better that you could imagine. But is it right for you? Before you start thinking about what you want, it's vital that you become aware of who you are. What are your skills, passions, personality traits and most importantly, your values? The more you understand yourself, the clearer idea you will have about the type of job that will suit you. This is where a good career coach can help.

Insufficient investigating

OK, so investigating might not be the word you associate with the early dating days, but it makes sense that you won't want to commit to a relationship until you know what you're letting yourself in for. We can often make wrong assumptions about a job. If you've got a career path in mind, it's important that you research before you job search. Speak to someone who works in that field to find out what it's like on a bad day, as well as a good day. By the way, I don't recommend approaching ex boyfriends/girlfriends of potential partners for the same purpose, but you get my drift!

Not getting out enough

It's hard to find a partner when you continue to mix in the same old circles. It's the same when you job hunt. Seek opportunities to meet new people, not only professionally (e.g. LinkedIn) but socially too. Many people meet their life partner through a friend of a friend. The same can apply for finding a job you'll love. You never know where that conversation in the leisure centre changing room will lead.

Not believing that there is something better out there for you

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right", so said Henry Ford. Limiting beliefs will hinder or stop you in your quest to find work you love. The impact of your beliefs should therefore not be underestimated. The first step is to identify these beliefs. They will either be beliefs you hold about yourself or beliefs about the world of work, possibly passed down from your parents or culture. Then they need to be challenged and changed if you want to make a successful transition. Again, this is something a career coach can help you to tackle.

So what next? What small steps will you take to make 2017 a fantastic year of change?

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Worthing, West Sussex, BN13
Written by Mark Anderson, Award Winning Career Coach
Worthing, West Sussex, BN13

Mark Anderson is an award winning career coach who works with adults and young people to help them identify their purpose and decide on the right career path for them.

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