How to: Goal setting for champions!

How to goal-set like a champ!!!

If your goal is to 'get a new job' then that is a very vague goal. Yes, I'm sure you know exactly what you'd like to do about getting a new job, however for a goal to be successful you need to implement tangible, easy-to-follow steps that keep you inspired along the way. Here are two ways to goal-set. Which one is your style of goal setting? 

Example 1 - Goal-setting for losers

2018 goal - Get a new job

Example 2 - Goal-setting for champions

Get a new job in 2018

1. What job would I like?

I would like a full-time job as a teaching assistant making £23,000 annually with 10 weeks paid leave and a commute of no more than twenty minutes from my house.

2. Where would I like to work?

Work out the distance/location of job with a twenty minute commute from the house using a map/app/website. Today at 8.30am until 9am. 

3. P.R. Myself

From 9.00am to 10.30am today I will update my C.V to add my relevant skills, job experience and training. At 10.30am I will show Peter for feedback. I will allocate 11.00am -11.30am to make relevant changes and finalise. 

3. Do your research

I will research two job sites for relevant jobs position/salary/location in my field for thirty minutes at 2.00pm - 2.30pm today and send my C.V. through (Repeat if necessary with another day and time slot and diarise it).

4. Ask Around

Ask ten people between 11.00am and midday today if they know of any relevant jobs being advertised and enquire. 

5. Adjust Accordingly

If I do not hear anything back in ten days from my first applications, I will.....rinse and repeat any of the steps above (mainly 4 and 5) to refine my search, ask for help at career advise centre/local library/look online for getting back to work schemes.

Goal setting is about being as specific about each step in the process of achieving your goal as possible. Lots of businesses use the SMART analogy when for goal-setting.

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable/Achievable

R - Relevant to you

T - Timely

This SMART goal approach is great when creating the little steps to your big goal. After all, you want to achieve your goal and the easier the steps are to complete, the easier the bigger goal is to achieve. The second example uses this method. 

Which example do you think will produce the goal?

If you need help to gain clarity and motivation with your goals, life coaching is the perfect tool to help you succeed. My books are now open and taking new clients.

Wishing you all the best with your 2018 goals,


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Written by Michelle Thole, IAPC&M Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC)
Hitchin SG4 & London WC2B

Michelle is an accredited life coach with the IAPCM, specialising in high-performance mindset and confidence for creatives and performers. A trained facilitator working with an array of big companies - presentation skills, culture change and leadership. Her inspirational personality, energy, and devotion to her profession are unparalleled.

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