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In a variety of coaching sessions and workshops over the past few weeks, a common theme has emerged. When trying to secure a job or trying to progress within a company, people are finding barriers. These are the sorts of phrases being heard: 

  • “I have applied for lots of jobs, but heard nothing.”
  • “The agencies said they would ring back and they haven’t.” 

  • “There is nowhere for me to progress in this company.” 

  • “That department never has any vacancies.” 

  • “None of the managers are ever going to leave so I will never get promotion.” 

So what is the common theme in these statements? Who is it they are talking about? Where is the blame falling? 

Look again, and you’ll see that these people aren’t taking the action upon themselves; they are waiting for others to take action on their behalf. The danger with this approach is that we may fall into victim mode. And when this happens, we assume that other people’s opportunities come to us through luck, rather than taking action, working hard and going after what we want.

At a presentation last week, one senior manager asked a great question in reply to the barriers others were finding above: “So, what do you plan to do about it then?” This is exactly the thought provoking question that needs to be asked so that we realise if we want something badly enough then we need to take ownership. Remember, everyone is busy and it’s likely they do intend to get back to you and they do intend to look out for career opportunities for you. But you are not their top priority, you are not on the top of their to do list. Ultimately, the only person who will prioritise you and put you to the top of the to do list, is YOU. You need to make yourself the priority, rather than waiting for someone else to do it for you.  

Now, decide very clearly what you want to achieve next. Identify those people that can help you, and make it easy for them to help you...  

  • you drive the action 
  • keep it a priority 
  • don’t give up 
  • keep communicating 
  • consider alternatives.

Go out and talk about what you want and what help you need to achieve it. Take ownership for your own future, you may be surprised how quickly things happen when you do. 

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Bristol, Gloucestershire, BS16 7FR
Written by Sandra Webber
Bristol, Gloucestershire, BS16 7FR

Sandra works as a coach with both private clients and businesses across the UK. Using over 30 years expertise working across a multitude of industries she now focuses her attention on working with clients on a 1-1 basis to facilitate their growth acting as a coach for whatever their individual goals might be.

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