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It’s the New Year and we are reminded over and over again that now is the time to put the things we want into action. With the constant New Year’s resolutions and talk of change it can make us feel bad about not making any changes ourselves.

And often the New Year brings a flurry of colleagues handing in their notice to move on to new jobs, or completely new adventures. This can leave us feeling slightly envious and wishing we had the guts/confidence/finances to take that leap and journey onto our next step.

Often we try and bury those feelings deep within us and ignore the discontent inside as we are unsure what to do about it and are scared of opening the box of what could be.

We can procrastinate about what to do next, we know we want a change, but often aren’t sure what to do or if we do know then how to actually get there.

Often beneath the stuckness is fear and a lack of confidence in ourselves to move forward. We often are scared that if we take the leap and try something new that it will all backfire and we will end up wishing we hadn’t, so we stay stuck in jobs we don’t like and are not particularly happy in.

Getting you further with your next steps in 2016:

  • If you don’t know what you want to do next, but know you want change, start thinking about what things make you come alive and interest you. Often we don’t tend to think about this on a day to day basis, but actually when we start noticing, we can start thinking about the things we love and how we can bring more of them into our days. Once we have this information, a bit like a puzzle we can start piecing together the place we want to get to.
  • If you do know what you want to do, spend some time writing down all the reasons why you are putting this off. With the list you’ve created, ask yourself what can you do to counter each reason? Perhaps you feel you aren’t experienced enough to do your new career - if this is the case, what can you do to make yourself more experienced? Perhaps reading up on the subject or doing an evening course, whatever it is, start making steps towards it today.
  • When fears come up about taking your next step, imagine a hero or someone you admire, ask yourself, what would they do if they were in my life? Often it helps to think about what a hero would do in our lives as it gives us new ways of looking at things - we all have a hero within us it’s giving it a chance to step forward.
  • Break it down. If changing your job seems like a huge next step, what steps would there be between here and your dream job? Perhaps you need to update your CV or get some more experience in a particular area, every day do something (no matter how small) to take you closer to that dream.
  • Banish self doubt - doubt about our own ability often creeps in when we think about making changes. Today, make a list of all the things you’ve achieved so far in your life and refer back to this when self doubt comes up.

It is incredibly common to want to move forward in life, but not know which way to go or how to get there, self doubt often comes up, coaching helps you tap into your inner hero and get you to where you’ve only dreamed of.

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New Forest SO42 & London NW3
Written by Jennifer Boon, CPCC ACC
New Forest SO42 & London NW3

Jennifer Boon empowers clients who are committed and ready to make breath taking changes in their lives. She is passionate about working with you to create the life you dream of and lots more!
She knows what it feels like to be stuck and how to break through the shackles of fear and self doubt to a life of yes, a life of love & life of fulfilment.

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