Do your people light your path?

Do you surround yourself with people who light your path? Who, when life can get dark, they shine hope and offer you comfort? Have you noticed how your mood can be lifted INSTANTLY when you are with the people who nourish you as a person?

Do you remember what you can see, hear and feel the last time you had a really good belly laugh? Or a naturally flowing conversation? Can you remember feeling at ease, relaxed, calm, warm, happy, free, comfortable, confident, excited? Just being in your own skin, relishing being in the moment of just living the true you? 

Can you name the person or people who lift you up; are by your side; have your back; are always there for you; who offer encouragement; support your own personal growth; motivate you; inspire you; the ones you can have deep and meaningful conversations with; or the ones who make you inwardly smile or laugh out loud? The ones you hold with high mutual respect - the ones you can give back yourself and your time freely? The ones, that at a drop of a hat, you will be by their side, and vice versa?

Do you have a personal or work relationships, that you will like to improve communication and reduce conflict?

Here is an opportunity to do a bit of role play in your minds eye...

  • Now! In your minds eye, step into your own shoes looking through your own eyes and imagine the other person is in front of you. Explore what you can see, hear, feel and are thinking?
  • Next! Step into the other persons shoes, looking through their eyes, imagining them interacting with the person in the first set of shoes. Explore what they can see, hear, feel and are thinking?
  • Finally! In your mind's eye, step away from the interaction, take the position of an observer, with a fresh pair of eyes, from different angles, like a fly on the wall. Watch and experience this relationship taking place. What do you notice? What are you learning? What advice can you give to the person in the first set of shoes? When you are ready, put all this new knowledge and way of behaving, thinking and feeling, back into yourself.

Being in different positions will allow you to gain a deeper learning from a new perspective, and take notice of responsibility and ownership of any positive changes you can make to yourself to improve your relationships. 

Who's your tribe? You may feel you have nobody or a thousand people surrounding you, and may still feel lonely and isolated. The right people or person for you can come in many forms; friends, family, loved ones, neighbours, meeting like-minded people through hobbies, groups or exercise classes, taking a walk in nature, in books or quotes, in motivational speakers or inspiring people on the internet, even in uplifting or calming songs! The list is endless, when you think about it.

Now, go shine your unique light, so that the right people can find you. Surround yourself with the people who wish to freely and happily give their light to you and enhance your brilliantly bright path. 

Signing off by singing - "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"

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Mansfield NG18 & Derby DE4
Written by J. Roe, NCIP Accred - National Council of Integrative Psychotherapy
Mansfield NG18 & Derby DE4

Joe Roe is a passionate certified & accredited mental wellness life coach & NLP practitioner, specialising in areas such as anxiety, depression & bipolar. Joe offers tailored 121 & workshops for individuals, groups, business & coaches. Having 12 years experience in customer services management for customer improvement, staff performance & wellness

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