Can the Bible teach us anything relevant about psychology today?

When I started my coaching career about 15 years ago I was using traditional approaches such as a "question-to-explore" approach until I discovered the three principles understanding in 2009. 


The principles of universal mind, consciousness and thought changed everything for me and I began to take an insight-first approach with clients. By this, I mean that when clients had an understanding of the relationship between thought, feelings and behaviour then their system sort of updated and changes occurred naturally.

As a God-believer, I always have some clients who are churchgoers. When I speak with them about the psycho-spiritual nature of the three principles some are resistant, "Isn't that a bit new-age?" some would say or, "That isn't in the Bible" or, "That's not what my pastor teaches". My response is that not many pastors are psychologists and the Bible is about redemption, not self-improvement.

However, last year I stumbled across a line in the New Testament book of Romans that leapt off the page. It says "Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind," 

Boom, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is talking about changing mindset.

So, I set about answering the first part of this question: what are the patterns of the world and then the second part; how do we renew the mind?

It turns out that understanding the three principles is a way of not only understanding how the human mind gets stuck in patterns but also how all thinking comes from a spiritual source within our own consciousness. 

So once we understand the operating principles of the mind, then we can look for renewal from that deeper source that the Bible points to. This is the inside-out revelation that Jesus and the apostle Paul were talking about all those years ago.

Not only has this truth been locked away in dusty old language for hundreds of years, but new and vibrant translations have revealed in plain language the secret to mental health that we have been seeking for all this time.

So if the three principles point to the divine source of mind, thought and consciousness, how is the Bible teaching any different? After all, God is spirit so why should we look anywhere else for spiritual truth?

My book, An Inside-out Revelation does the heavy lifting for spiritual leaders from all walks of life and belief who want a practical and scientific basis for coaching, mentoring and equipping their community leaders.

The principles approach brings awakening and enlightenment to us when we realise that we are part of something greater than ourselves. It points to us having access to a divine power that is within our own psychological experience of life.

The Bible teaches that awakening and enlightenment happen to us when we realise that we are part of something greater than ourselves. It points to us having access to a divine power that is within our soul, and that soul is our psychological experience of life. 

Interesting alignment, I think we might be onto something here.

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